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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


So we had a honeymoon baby. And it's a kitten. :D
He's adorable and when we got him a week and a half ago, he was about 7/8 weeks old...making him about 9/10 weeks old now. So blog, this is George. You'll be seeing a lot of him...
I'll show a few pictures of him so far.

It all started on Thursday, August the 30th. I had seen an ad on kijiji and I had been wanting a kitten for a while. I haven't had a pet since living at the farm (which is about 6.5ish years ago?) and I had been missing having them around! So I made an appointment to go see them after work. I didn't really have many reservations to getting a pet, but Scott had a few. I assured him that this was just to go LOOK at them, we weren't necessarily going to get one. He disagreed, he figured once I saw them...I'd be sold.
How very right he was... I walked into the door and was like... 'Awwww~! Ya, I'm not leaving without at least one of these little fluffballs!' And thus it began. And Scott's reservations are mostly gone, because well, LOOK AT HOW CUTE HE IS :D
On the way home from choosing the cuteness.
He could barely even walk straight, yet he'd prance all over the place.
We built him a little ramp up the couch (so he doesn't claw his way up).
Sleeps a LOT.

But then again, so does this guy.
He's also a big snuggler...sometimes hard to find!
He seems to like the Platypillow (from becomes a little pillow).

He always manages to get into interesting places...
He doesn't really like when Scott and I work out at home....he wants attention!
Sometimes can be vicious with his little teeth and claws.
But that's basically George so far!
He's cute, but he's also very mischievous. He already seems to be growing so quickly D: Looks like his eyes are becoming less blue as well (judging between this last picture, which was taken yesterday, and the first one). But he's still cute and we love our little honeymoon kitten :)

Meow for meow :)!


  1. PRECIOUS!!! Not gonna lie, you did scare me with the "we had a honeymoon baby" bit. But then I kept reading and I was fine, haha. Congrats on your honeymoon kitten!

    1. That was the intention ;) Thank you :D