Monday, September 17, 2012

A weekend...

So the weekend came and it came with a bang...although it was rather unfortunate 'bang' for me.
I may (or may not) have told you...I've been in a few accidents in my whole like...6 years of driving.
My Friday, sadly, began with one.
Basically, I pulled up to an intersection to turn right... it wasn't safe to go, so I pulled up and was waiting for the coast to be clear.
There was a vehicle (#1) coming the opposite direction that was going to turn right, with another vehicle (#2) behind it. The light turned yellow and then red as #1 was turning and #2 was slowed right down, so I figured it would be safe for me to go behind #1 (as the light was very red and I needed to get out of the intersection). However, as I turned to go behind #1, #2 suddenly sped up to go through the red light. I slammed on my brakes, thus avoiding getting smashed myself but it wasn't quick enough to avoid hitting #2 (as she didn't brake at all).
Long story short, I didn't get charged...though I'm not sure if she'll get charged for running the red light. So either she'll be at fault, or they'll say no fault. Awesome, right? No witnesses stuck around...

So I moped around all Friday night, and then Saturday I knew I had to go run some errands...and I felt like making myself up (with make up). It had been a while since I'd worn it (I couldn't even find my make up brushes...), some red lips were sported even.
And then Sunday was another lazy day for me. Most of my weekend was spent hanging out with little Georgey.
He was a nice little cuddle buddy for a disheartened Trudy, especially since Scott's out of town.

It was all made even better (not better...) by my having a Jurassic Park themed nightmare last night. -.-

Was your weekend a better bang than mine?

Toodles for meow :)!

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