Friday, April 15, 2011

You have GOT to be kidding me....

What in the name of huge snowfall's that come overnight and are stupid is going on?!?!
I think you probably get what I'm saying... YES, I must've jinxed it *sad face*. BUT, at least it's melting away already. And it's a good thing I didn't have my GEO up here yet, she most definitely would've gotten stuck this morning! (Spring come back I love you!) *hands flower*? :3

Alriiighhhhttt. What did I talk about last...(yes I did just look back at what I said)
WELL, I'll start with the weekend!
Friday - a niece of mine needed a bit of help on the piano (no I don't really play piano which is why my helping her seems slightly ridiculous to me), SOOO yes that and then her mom (my sister in law) made a delicious broccoli/ham/cheese dish...I'll just say it was awesome! Met up with Francesca (yes we hang out basically most of the time) and we headed over to hang out with a group of people at the Strongbad's place. He is generally hanging out with our little group. He thinks I was the one who brought him in - really he did pretty alright on his own I'd say :D And the reason for this event - Back To The Future. What started the idea - people finding out I hadn't seen it before :X Well, now I can say I've watched BTTF 1 and 2 (I'll get to 3 soonish). I quite enjoyed the first one...and then I didn't pay as much to the second, so I don't entirely remember it. But it was still fun! He's always interesting to talk to.
RUNDOWN ON STRONGBAD -- He's very smart - loves to learn new things. He always seems to be reading and he's quite talented and enjoys making himself very well rounded (not physically). Physically he's quite lean and enjoys working out, and he's quite fond of his bike. He seems to love talking to people.
BACK TO THE STORY -- So we (Francesca and myself) stayed talking with him for a bit after (quite a bit...). And then of course she stayed over! We then hung out for a bit and parted ways to get a few things done (well she had to get things done...I hung out with someone else... x) _) SO yes... Chica and I got pizza and spent a few hours talking which we hadn't really done on our own before, so it was nice!
RUNDOWN ON CHICA -- She's very friendly, cheerful and easy to get along with :) Seriously she's pretty much friends with everyone. She's preparing to go on a mission (if you don't get what that means just ask :D). Love her! {PS> I have referred to chica as Beatrice in a previous post, so chica/Beatrice = same person ;)}
AND BACK WE GOOOO -- So she had things she had to do so I took her home and headed home myself. I heard of a few things going on but didn't particularly feel like going out. So Francesca headed back to my house and we watched The Fighter. Which I really didn't find all that amazing actually. I'd probably only give it a 2 out of 5. Some people have really liked it...but I just found the mom and sisters soooo annoying. And the story itself wasn't intriguing enough for my likings. But don't take my word for it - check it out if you wish :)

Sunday was the standard, Church (which had a great testimony meeting by the way), dinner, a few people came over - we talked and played cards.

Mondayyy - work, FHE, and then $2 last hour swimming ;)

Tuesday - nothing especially exciting.

Wednesday - work, kick class, and then some people wanted to try out a different pool than the standard! To "Valley" we went. I was bitter for a few reasons....
1) I was there half an hour before everyone else (because they're lame)
2) The hot tub was down (the insanity?!?)
3) We went there for 2.5 hours, (thus paying the full $10.10) and this water park just wasn't as good!
(Plus the water pressure in the slides was just not enough)
ANNNNDDDDD that's enough complaining! Overall it was pretty fun, just not as good as the usual SL ;) (we still went to the usual Denny's afterwards) :D
Also, got to talk to Lambie quick for a minute! (Nice to hear your voice ^.^)

Thursday - long gym day! Got to do good ole TKO :D YAY!

Friday - woke up to the heap.... :P

That's it for now! I'll get another one up soon ;)
Hope all is well!

Byeas for meow :)!

(Shout out to Nani... you know why :P)

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I'm about to sound like a swine... but from reading many of my posts you probably already know how it is ;) ANYWAYS, I love easter! I love chocolate and everything in egg form tastes delicious! It's kind of amazing... (and of course there's the spiritual side to it, which is also kind of amazing - most of you know what I mean)


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