Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Tuesday after Easter Weekkkeeennnd?

QUICK. Alright, I'm not giving a full on how my weekend went down and what's up post just yet because that will just take too much time for my liking. ;) I will say, however, that I did head home and I got to drive my little GEO around! Though I didn't bring it back quite yet...I'm afraid it'll snow again sometime D:

Annyyywaaaayyysss...where I'm going with this post. Last summer when I went to California...I (and W) bought some ridiculous(ly awesome) sunglasses from Venice Beach. And I love them and wear them all the time until.... TRAGEDY STRUCK! I had thrown them on my seat and of course I forgot when I went back to get in my car and they, unfortunately, did not make it through. They did me good for almost a year. May they RIP. I will miss you. <3

This picture is in honor of the memories.(Yes I'm aware we look like total dorks)

And on a happier note...I had to (of course) try and replace those sunglasses. And I ended up getting more than 1 pair (ok I got 3, for $15 though! Don't judge me!). But my main pair are now these bad boys...Awesome right?!?! :D (Though I like these odd looking sunglasses for some reason...) And though I'm not the biggest fan of red, I'm quite fond of these! And though you cannot see the sides (arms?) they are white and black checkered :3

The end. (Fin.)

Au revoir for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I've never had A) expensive sunglasses or B) expensive sunglasses and that is just fine with me :D I would've been much more sad about my sunglasses if they were outrageously expensive. But I'm still sad because... well they were green and they were from Cali D: Oh well...

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  1. I've recently broke a pair of sunnies. I feel your loss. I lose/break sooooo many sunglasses it's not even funny. Which explains why I never buy expensive ones because I know they'll never last long.