Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Motivation level = 0

Alright...it's been a little bit. And if I don't get something up quick...it is just not going to happen!

SO just a quick update - the red sunglasses are working quite nicely and I still enjoy them ;)

Rewind to last weekend! (As in Easter weekend - April 22-24th) Went back home and got to spend some time with a lot of the family. Friday, saw a good chunk of them...got to hang out, talk, and a few of us watched The Hulk. I hadn't seen it since it first came out. (I still find it a little ridiculous personally - oh well). Then we were taking my niece (who's about a year younger than myself) home when she got a text hearing about a house party (ridiculous dancing included). So off we went! It was quite fun and we were thoroughly amused the whole time as there was a British guy who was dancing....well...let's just say interestingly ;) Use your imagination. So overall...late night but fun!

Saturday. Hung out with this niece yet again! Started out with ice cream from the good ol' Marble Slab :D (it had been awhile!) Then we went to the mall...meandered for a bit and actually ended up playing DDR at the arcade (haha! Don't judge me.... >.>) Afterward we headed to my parents church feast (luau type thing where Nani's dad roasted a pig - it was scrumptious)
>>SIDE NOTE<< It was great to see you Nani - congrats to you ;) >>RETURN<<
AND THEN niecey and I decided we wanted to see a movie! So to the cheap theater we went.. and we ended up seeing Beastly. Which was actually not too bad. It was a story coming off Beauty and the Beast. There were definitely lame parts but overall I thought it was pretty alright. (***/5). Then took her home and bid our farewells! And then back to Marble Slab I went to see W! I hadn't seen her in sooooo long and it was great to catch up! (Yes I got ice cream again... x3)
She's busy with prep for wedding. But I was happy to see you :D We hung out til wee hours of the morning and then I saw her again on Sunday before I headed back home. And I even hung out with the giant (W's fiance) a little bit... and I would like to think I was even nice! Anyways...best of luck to both of you with the wedding prep ;)

Got back here Sunday evening and hung out with Francesca and a couple other people. That's the basic rundown of that weekend! And I know I still need to do this weekend. But this was hard enough to force myself to do ;) So until next time...

Byeas for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I am probably the worst Lazer Tag-ger in the world...more to come ;) Check in soon! (Hopefully I get another one up in the next couple days).

PS. Happy May!

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