Tuesday, May 24, 2011


(Meaning behind the title you may wonder...absolutely none)

Aiight! Well, I should just throw down something every now and then so here goes!
T'was a good weekend! I believe Lambie comes home this weekend soooo, looking forward to that! (Besides the fact the now I'll have to move - but bring it on adventure!)

Francesca spent the whoooollllle weekend with me (long weekend - yay!). Friday night I went on a double date with Francesca, Strongbad, and another dude which I do not have time to do a little rundown on right now (and I haven't "named" him yet haha), so hopefully I'll get on that for tomorrow ;) Which was good! I'll perhaps give a few more details tomorrow as well.

Saturdayyyy went for a run - was sunny and nice! Then had a nice low key, not at all stressful afternoon. White China, BK, Francesca, Strongbad and the snuggler(?) {ya...I should probably change this nickname as it isn't entirely applicable anymore... so I'll refer to him as Maximus from here on out) then went to a park to play grounders (ridiculous[ly awesome] - I know). We then went for a little fire to have s'moooorreeeees and such!

Sunday - church, and yet another fire!

Monday - pretty low key, CREPE PARTY (delicious)! Then fhe and out to BK's to watch Scrubs!

All in all, fun weekend...it went by fast yet seems like it took so long! Jeesh, life eh? Didn't quite get enough sleep, but tis alright! Just about to head to soccer now though - so wish me luck! I PROMISE I'll get another post up tomorrow because this one is a little bit lame...OK FINE - a lot!

Any adventures on your long weekends?? Do share :D

Ciao for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I haven't been late for soccer yet - so I have to go so I'm not! haha (sorry!)

FINE - something quick....today I was reminiscing with someone about concerts we've been to. The only concert I've been to is KALAN PORTER (don't judge me.) It was within the year of him winning Canadian Idol (whenever that was). Anyways...I was little obsessed for a bit, had a bit of a crush but I'm turned out ok! (right??) So check out this song (used to be one of my fave's) ;)
Peace nerds!

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