Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Friends? :3

Alright weekend over - back to reality (oh there goes gravity -- what song am I using here). No hints! No google! But if you do know... comment ;) And you get a point! (A meaningless point - but a point nonetheless).

So it was a pretty goooood weekend overall! You realize how quickly you can become close with someone after just spending a large amount of time over a short period. I've really gotten to know quite a few people and I like them all! But throughout the weekend, there was a core group that spent the most time together - and I'll tell ya, there was some bonding! (not in weird ways...if that's how it sounds). Once you spend a lot of time with someone or just start connecting with them and hearing more about their life...it's bound to happen! I quite enjoy the people I have around me and I'm grateful to know them! Haha. My perspective on friends has changed quite a bit since leaving the bridge... I still enjoy having a few very close friends (which is more what I had), but here I've gotten to know and become friends with a LOT of people. And I will say it's difficult to maintain that friendship and keep things going and help them feel cared about (in a sense). But I'm doing my best, and I'm happy to know the people I do.
A few people of noteworthy mention for now will be...
...Francesca (yes, I do still alter the names) a spunky youngin'! (I'm no longer the youngest one). She's very artistic (in fact she did a portrait of me :o ), very pleasant to be around and also loves a good argument - she's always right. She's also a runner and is training to do a marathon (go you!). She spent the whoollllle weekend with me, and I will say it was fun! I'm glad I could get to know her a bit and can't wait to get to know her more.
...BK a joker that all can get along with. He's quite amusing but knows the limit and doesn't take things too far. He's one of the people that can really bring a group together, easy to talk to. He's also artistic and works in constructionish.
...White China so chill and relaxed but quite funny. He's very quiet sometimes, but when he does say something...it's always worth it. And he makes the best facial expressions. Overall - quite amusing!
There are definitely more people...but I would say that is the core group as of now. And I hope no one gets offended for not getting mentioned because I know more people hang out and I still love you and think lots of you and have things I could say about everyone!

Anyways, I'm glad for all the people I have met... I know it's difficult to maintain relationships especially when you don't see people very often. But I'm trying my best for what I have the time for right now. Love you all!

Shout out to W, good luck in your school and wedding prep. My thoughts and prayers are always with you and your family and you know what that entails. Love you :)

And that's it for this one :D

Au revoir for meow :)!

OH! Check out this song.... I guarantee lots will think it's annoying, but I just thought it was and interesting combination that I came across. No hints! Just check it out! ;o

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I love swimming :D I like to think I'm a water baby, of course I can't REALLY swim (I more dog paddle) but I STILL love to do it :3


  1. Lose yourself - Eminem.

    I'm not much of a rap person, but that one I do know. Awe yeah.

  2. Excellent! You win. Point!
    Leinani - 1
    World - 0