Monday, April 4, 2011


So this past weekend.... another HUGE snowfall. It's slightly depressing really.
I'm kind of hoping my spring call will be answered and and that she'll accept my invitation! Then again (with my luck) it'll probably keep snowing for FOREVER! Jeez...I hope not. All I really want is Summer, I'm just willing to settle with Spring...(don't tell her I said that :X)
Anyways...if you're forgetting what Spring looks like, it should be a little something like this...
Notice the beautiful lack of snow on the ground? Alright enough daydreaming (Spring please come *puppy dog eyes*) Well it was a pretty tame weekend, which is quite alright! I'll go over the highlights!

Friday night...White China made and brought me a cake :D It was seriously delicious! Everyone should do this! (And by this I mean everyone should make and bring me a cake ;3) hehe.

Saturday/Sunday was General Conference which was pretty great this time around! Definitely a lot of talks on service...guess we should get on that...

Sunday, a few people came over for a mini feast of LASAGNA (ya...I didn't make it, go safeway brand! It was pretty tasty though).

OH! I should mention, Francesca did her marathon on Saturday and did her 42.4km in 3:45:08 (pretty darn good if I do say so myself - couldn't do it, lack of training and battery)

Monnnddaaay... work then FHE, we did egg decorating and then afterwards I saw HOT ROD for the first time! It was definitely stupid, but even moreso utterly amusing! I give it ****(out of 5)!
Then on the way back home, a couple people were talking and I felt terribly uneducated! Like I'm no idiot (shhh...) but in their conversation I sure felt like one... :P I need to start reading again... and soon get back into school!

Those are the basics...nothing eventful really. But life is still going splendidly. And hope yours is too! How was your weekend? Watch General Conference at all? Thoughts? What should I do for my FHE?!! (this monday) Though I think I have an idea ;)

Byeas for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I'm beginning to forget what I've written for these things...So I'll pick a random object and tell a story from it. FIRE HYDRANT! Alright, when I was in nursing, they had us do a "virtual training" of what to do and how to use a fire hydrant and likewise, put out a fire. You could only be "certified" if you put it out in a certain amount of time. I know I did it within the time limit but I remember feeling like this would have not be what a real situation with a fire would be like at all! And ya... that's it :D THE END!

Ok...that didn't feel like a random fact at all, so I'm going to do a round 2....
I used to be kind of obsessed with the movie Twister. I always wished I could see a hurricane/tornado of sorts and I still do! I'm sure I'd be one of the stupid people standing there staring.

ANNNDDDD here's a random ridiculous video link for you to check out. The title reminded me of it...I'm warning you, it really is ridiculous :D
It really just makes me want to dance like that...

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