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Friday, April 8, 2011


Could it be? Has spring truly arrived?!?!!???

I sure hope so!
There's still snow on the meltdown, but the sun is up and it looks pretty glorious out I'm not going to lie. (Though it isn't quite as nice out as it looks - but who cares!! This is a start fo sho!)

Along with Spring, comes my daydreaming about Summer (it's probably a disease). Oh, how I long for those sunny, hot relaxation filled days! Which makes me think about what I'd like to do this Summer! (Something even remotely exciting needs to be done every's just the way of it). And so far I'm not entirely sure what's going to happen...ideally a few things really!
1. The sis (lets call her Lambie (; ) and I want to go to Texas as we have another sister living there. So that would be a nice little hot vacay :D (also her and I have never been on a vacay together.... just a stay-cay [which you may or may not remember from a previous post ._.]) So hopefully this happens!
2. W is getting married this summer, so that will be eventful in and of itself.
3. Ok...I didn't get this far in my thoughts yet, hopefully there will be a BUNCH of little adventures happening around here ;)

Anyone have exciting summer plans?? :D

Well this week I've kind of been thinking about people quoting movies. I know a couple of people who do it all. the. time. I kid you not...sometimes I wonder to myself - Hmm, do you have any of your own thoughts up there??
Don't get me wrong - I do it too! I think a couple quotes every now and then are just fine ~ especially if everyone has seen the movie and is either laughing or quoting along.
But when only a couple of you have seen it and you keep going for 5 minutes (seriously), it's a liitttttle ridiculous. And that was my rant(s) of this post :3

So around here it's become kind of a tradition to go swimming on Wednesday night for the last hour (9-10) for $2 :D It's quite fun and even still a mini-work out! So that's what I was up to wednesday (and then to Denny's...we go a lot...).
Thursdayyyyy - work and then gym, that's it haha. I went to a couple classes - Zumba and then TKO. It was my third time being to TKO, which I'm really enjoying. I don't remember if I've described it before...but it's a boxing circuit training class. We have a bunch of stations where you go as hard as you can for a minute. It has a variety of cardio, legs, abs, arms, and boxing :D It's quite fun reminds me of kickboxing and how much I miss it :( Sweet sweet kickboxing...

ANYWAYS...I believe that will be the end! Actually...I'm going to throw a random picture of myself up! I haven't put a recent picture up in quite awhile because 1. My camera is broken and 2. My webcam is broken and 3. Cell phone pictures just aren't as fun...Nonetheless - cell phone picture for ya! Lame i know. BUT LOOK AT THE GLORIOUS SUN IN THE BACKGROUND! (Ignore the's still trying to melt)

Toodles for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I honestly can't smile normally in a picture. It does not happen. Unless someone were to snap a picture of me smiling normally in life, a normal smile and me don't come together in a photo. Either I make a kind of smirk (as seen above) or I go into a kiss/pout/Zoolander type face. That's just the way of it...

I feel like I want to put a song up... So I'll link this (:D) - I've been enjoying this song on the radio as of lately. It's kind of cool to me as it's a fairly new song but it sounds older and reminds me a lot of...Whitney Houston probably. (This chick looks totally weird though, I prefer not to watch the video...haha). And here's a song that I also enjoy! Lately I've been thinking about the movie Blue Crush as I've been hearing Cruel Summer on the radio a bit. So here goes! (see if you can guess what it is before you listen! ;)

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