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Thursday, March 3, 2011


No meaning behind the title... just March coming in, with a bang? Sure...

ALRIGHTY! So it's been yet another month, but tis alright! Because 1. Nobody really reads this and 2. I don't have interesting things to talk about. But nonetheless, I be back. ;o

Hmm...story of my life as of lately...
The sis went back to Jakarta (Indonesia), so I'm a lonely duck again :'[ (Hope all is well with you <3)>
SO this past weekend...I began with the standard (morning Kick class followed by some Zumba), then got some groceries...went home and cleaned the place, then cleaned myself. And got ready to get out and up to things! So, I don't know if I've mentioned her before (don't think I have) so I'll call her Beatrice! I decided it was time to hang out with Beatrice, and along with her...we had a Robbyjandro (more like we were with him - he was driving us around hehe). Well, we went to see Tron (yes, again) and it was just as good as the first time - though it wasn't in 3D :( We then went back to Beatrice's place and soon decided we needed a late night Denny's run - YAY! So we went and got our french toast on! And then a couple other things before heading home... nice and sleepy like. Then of course it was church (and along with that choir). Anyways - nothing particular to point about church. It was good though haha. After that, Beatrice came over for some nacho's (:D) and then we hung out with a few other people to watch the Academy Awards and play a couple games (the game is Mao - it's amazing). That's the basic drift of what I've been up to as of lately!

I still enjoy life! Nothing really new persay. (Not that I can presently think of anyways?)

I suppose I can throw in another couple random updates.... As for the "no sugar" I mentioned last time. Well I could lie to you and say it went well....but I kind of just told you it would be a lie *sigh*. We lasted a bit, we didn't do terrible. But I find it's better to have a little indulgence from time to time than to put it off and then have a huge binge fest. SO yes, that's the way of it. That mission was aborted soon after it begun ;)

Another thing that isn't really mine to tell...but oh well, not going to say much and it's not as though it's a secret. The W is now engaged, to the giant. It wasn't really surprising (kind of bound to happen I suppose)... but anyways, happy for them and best of luck in the planning and your future together ^^

So, hope you all had a splendid February! And looking forward to another weekend. I'll have to decide what I'm going to get up to this time around?

But that is all...I think

Toodles for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I got some blood work done. And apparently I'm not as invincible as I thought. I have a relatively low iron and am considered anemic (BOO! :[ ) So this explains why I'm such a good sleeper and feel tired all the time. And another thing as of lately is that sometimes I almost black out at the gym (no good). BUT ALL IS WELL :D

OH! I'm going to throw in a song I've quite enjoyed as of lately (and sis of mine! this is the song we thought might be Duffy in that trailer). It's called Rolling in the Deep and it is by Adele - and go!


  1. They're ENGAGED???!!!?! No way! I feel sorry for when she has to have his babies though... She is so small and he is so - not. Oh well, good for them!

  2. PS - I love reading your blog! So keep up the posts :) I'll even accept once a month cause it's better than nothing.