Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sun if you love me, will you please please stay... :3

Alright, so...the motivation for the next blog just did not come. Sooooooo, time to just START ANEW!

The last few days have been so nice! And I haven't even been able to enjoy it really! (sad)
But it seems as though its got to rain or something now, weather like this just does not last around here....

Anyways, I don't recall if I mentioned, I'm now on a co-ed soccer team. I'm probably the worst person on the team... but it's sill fun :D First game we won 4-3 (or 3-2...I forget D: ) And the second game (which was on tuesday), we lost... 1-4 D: Oh no - clearly we've got to step it up!

Life has pretty much been going as, gym, swimming (and now soccer). But overall it's good :)!

Fransesca has been gone for a week and a half but she is now back! It was good to see her yesterday! I don't recall if I mentioned it, but her dad was participating in "Iron Man"...which is basically a MASSIVE triathlon (seriously). It took place down in St. George and she came back soooooo burnt! Here I am white and she's a little lobster (- I'm better off, right?)

Hmm, I can't really think of things other than this.... BESIDES THE MOST AWESOME NEWS OF ALL! Lambie and my trip (to Texas) IS BOOKED - YAAAAAYYYYYY! So that will be happening in about a month and I'm vvveeerrrrry excited ;)!

OH! And now that Nani's announcement has been made public by herself, i can finally come out and openly say - Congratulations on the engagement!

And that is all. I say, good day.

Toodles for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- Well as you all know.... at least I think you all know ._. .... I LOVE music. And I've been trying to check out some new music lately - so HOOK ME UP! But this song has made me happy today :D
Ok...if I'm sharing links...check out this weird but amusing song as well (warning f bomb is dropped a couple times in this video --but no animals, that I know of, were harmed during the making?) haha.