Monday, December 24, 2012

Well it's Christmas Eve yo!

Sorry, I don't have the best access to a computer now. So yes, I'm aware the blog has been lacking....but I don't know about you guys, I however have been busy relaxing ;)
It's definitely been needed and I think it's been deserved!

What have you been up to this Christmas Eve??
Excitement? Or relaxing?

We've watched a few movies, though not necessarily all Christmas ones. One of my faves though - The Last of the Mohicans!
Have you seen it? Do you like it?
I need to get my hands on the DVD. I just watched the VHS at my parents!
Also started Elf, but had to break part way through!

Talked to Lambie briefly (who's in Ontario) - glad you're having a good time :)

So we're finally at the 24th, and the last day of the Christmas Blogging Challenge!
I'm supposed to share my favorite Christmas Eve traditions. You know what I've realized? Sure, it's nice to have Chinese food...nice to act out the nativity or go see it acted out live...nice to watch certain movies, play certain games, eat certain things but ultimately...does it really matter? What matters is being around those who you love and care about enough to spend your holidays with. I'm grateful to be here spending some time with my family for now...but Scott and I are thinking of just doing our own Christmas next year. Traditions are great, but don't focus too much on those and let them ruin your Christmas. Surround yourself with friends and family and just make the most of one another.

What's your favorite Christmas Eve tradition?? Something you couldn't do without??

I guess I'll just do a final 12 Days of Christmas to finish it off...
On the 12th day of Christmas a Trudy gave to you, 12 hours+ with friends and family, extra 11:11 wishes, 10 hours of sleep-ins, 9 seasons of Seinfeld, 8 mint hot cocoas, 7 (+) songs for singing, 6 lengthy foot rubs, 5 boxes of Godiiivaaaa, 4 festive movies, 3 pomegranates, 2 pairs of sweatpants, and a fuzzy kitten named Georgey!

11 and 12 (and probably a few others...) are repeats of last year...but I like them and wanted to use them again!

So! May you have a splendid Christmas Eve and although I wish I could see more people this Christmas, I love you all and I'm sorry I couldn't get to everyone! Thanks all for reading, now go enjoy your holidays! Have a very Merry Christmas Eve and then a very Merry Christmas! Love you all!

It's Christmas Eve for meow :)!
I'll check in tomorrow.

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  1. Beautiful picture love!! We are currently watching A Christmas Story and drinking tea (me) and a beer I got him last Christmas (boy). I hope you have a wonderful holiday!!