Friday, December 21, 2012

Woorrrrkkkk's out for Christmas!

(What tune is that sung to? *hint* don't think Christmas songs...)

I am THRILLED to have some time off, as I'm sure all of you are!

Last night, I had a Scott come home a liiiitttle earlier than originally thought which was great! :D Not only was it great to see him, but I needed his help...for the last big baking fest day. We were both exhausted in the end, but we won~!
And I think I even took some pictures for you! (I need to check to be sure...........sure did!)
Alright, so I'll start by saying...traffic was obscene. I hope it's not like that again tonight, but I won't get my hopes too high.
As soon as I got home (after feeding and changing George's water out), I jumped right into forming and baking the cookie dough I made yesterday. It was another one of Sally's recipes....Soft Gingersnap Molasses Cookies. And they turned out great :3 (if you're into spicey, festive type cookies). They're so soft and little and tasty!

I think they're cute~! :)

Just as I finished up making these little morsels, was about when Scott got home! So at first, Scott got started on his laundry and putting stuff away while I started the next project!
I will say, I wasn't as impressed with this one...I found the recipe off Pinterest actually.
Barbecue Snack Mix. It was basically just alright to me. I'm more into cheesey, spicey, or salt and vinegary flavored snacks as opposed to a sweeter BBQ-y taste.

George even managed to get a hold of some and got to gobble a bit up before I noticed, dramatically cried out - NOOOOOO!, and banished him to a closed room.

While the snack mix was cooking (took about an hour and a half for us), I got started on more of a sweet snack mix :D Now this one was SUPER easy and another Pinterest find.
Christmas White Trash. Very simple, and a fairly decent treat I think? Only difference is, I used regular pretzel twists as I didn't have festive ones. I think people will be able to deal with that ;).

Looks festive enough with the M & M's ;). 

And then I had just ONE more project - to correct what had gone wrong the previous day. Another one of Sally's recipes...Cinnamon Sugar Candied Nuts.
I was so sad  yesterday...I followed the recipe basically to a T, but I tried to cook 2 pans at the same time (with only one rack in my was a little too cozy) and my oven runs about 20 degrees hot I believe. The result was very burnt nuts after only about 20 minutes. So I was determined to make them, and make them I did! I turned down the oven and cooked each pan separately... thus resulting in quite delicious, and not burnt, sweet and cinnamony nuts! SUCCESS!

Don't they look delightful and not burnt?? :3
So thank you Scott for your help last night, Sally for your help and also delicious recipes, and to all you for following me on my Christmas baking adventures this week :)!

I'm a very tired duck today...but at least everything is done!

I know I've already written quite a bit with a few pictures, but just a few other things to share today!

1. My workout this morning, I did a Brazil Butt Lift video called 'High and Tight'...good workout with a band around your feet/legs for half and ankle weights for the other half. George sat STARING at me for the ENTIRE thing. 40 minutes of cat (especially George) stares are NOT normal. He's very easily was weirding me out....

Stop looking at me swan! (You know what it's from...)

2. Usually, I'll leave my hair down for work...I don't know why, I just prefer it I guess. Today I look like this...

EVERY ONE has made some sort of comment. Yes I realize it's a little off kilter...but what's the big deal?!
Trudy, nice hair... (sarcasm?)
What's with the hair?
You look like a crazy person?
Why is your hair up?

I don't know, ok? I felt like it.

3. Christmas is almost here :D

December the 21st! 4 days until Christmas :)! Do I travel on the holidays? Well...I assume this is meaning major traveling, like flying somewhere for a vacation type deal. If that's the case, then no...I've never traveled far/gone on vacation for Christmas, but I would NOT be opposed to that at all!
But I do some traveling, yes. It's a 2.5 hour drive down to visit my family, which is happening tomorrow late morningish. Christmas day, after opening gifts with my parents, we'll be heading back to Calgary, stopping at our place quick, and then driving another 2.5 hoursish to Scott's parents. It will be A LONG day...but the nice thing is that Scott and I are taking turns; I'm driving to my parents and he to his. :)

Do you do any major traveling on the holidays? How about minor?

12 Days of Christmas!
On the 9th day of Christmas a Trudy gave to you, 9 seasons of Seinfeld, 8 mint hot cocoas, 7(+) songs for singing, 6 lengthy foot rubs, 5 boooxess of Goddiiiivvaaaaa, 4 festive movies, 3 pomegranates, 2 pairs of sweatpants, and a fuzzy kitten named Georgey! :)

I'm not obsessed with Seinfeld or anything...but I do find the show to be funny. Just recently, I've watched all 9 seasons (for my first time) all the way through and I enjoyed them :D! I like the dry, nothingness of it all.

Do you watch Seinfeld? Enjoy it at all?

And that's it for today! Safe travel wishes to all of you if doing so!

Ciao for meow :)!

PS. Special shout out to a few people. All my family, looking forward to seeing you soon! Nani, see ya tomorrow! W and the giant, see you Sunday! Lambie and hubs, safe travels to you - have fun in Ontario! And Caitlin..have fun with the boy :D

PPS. If you haven't see it yet, I announced the winners for the giveaway!So if you entered and haven't checked it out... do so now!

I have mixed feelings about this song. I enjoy the Jackson's...I think this is a cute song...but I just really hate the beginning. "WOW! Mommy's kissing Santa Clause!" It annoys me -.- What do you think?

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  1. Those cookies look awesome!! I made the soft ginger snaps too and they were a hit with my class party :) Those nuts look fabulous!! I'm glad they turned out this time! And I think you look beautiful with your hair like that...I'm always a fan of hair up like much easier to deal with! Safe travels today darlin! And have a great time with your family :)