Sunday, December 9, 2012

Who's your easy gifter?

Today has been a niiiice relaxing Sunday. Got a bit of a sleep in this morning, meaning about 8/8:30...but felt great to me :D

Got a few things done around the house and considering making banana bread...but just didn't feel like it today. I'll probably end up doing it during the week. Loves my banana bread breaky :D

Then I also did my yogurt face mask and now my face is all shiny, soft and clean :D And George is all fluffy, soft and adorable :D (Yes, he had his weekly shower as per ush).
 Just as he was about dry, I had a visit from my parentals.
And looookkkkky what they brought me....

I have a tree! Little, with no ornaments....but a tree! And it changes colors ;)

And what is it under the tree?

"Mmm~! I love Turtles" ;)

As for Georgey...he had a little crazy spell but other than that, it's pretty nap filled.

The life of a George is pretty difficult...

Christmas Blogging!

We're already here at the 9th...almost halfway to Christmas!
So, who's the easiest person to buy for??

Well,'s easiest to buy for someone you spend a lot of time with, or know extremely well. If you see them/talk to them often, you know what they need they use the most, what they've been wanting or what they might enjoy and wouldn't get for themselves. I've always been able to get little gifts for my parents fairly easily. Scott is good as well. 
(I used to be able to get for W and Lambie pretty well).

Who's the easiest person you have to buy for??

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, and until tomorrow...

Buh bye for meow :)!

PS...although I haven't been talking about it, I've still been enjoying my advent calender...don't worry ;)
Oh, I guess I didn't talk about Strathmore... guess you have something to look forward to tomorrow!


  1. Cute! I need to get some mini lights for my tree; although I love how ghetto it is, sometimes I wish it wasn't so darn ugly, hahaha.

    1. Lights are pretty :D I got mine pretty cheap from London Drugs? I wonder if the dollar store has them... haha