Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Spaghetti, Christmas songs and the likes

On Monday night, I picked up some ground beef with intentions of making spaghetti soon; soon was last night, and it was a good decision.
 I had heard that caramelized onions in spaghetti sauce is I started by doing that (it takes like...30 minutes+). Then I started cooking the beef, and added some mushrooms. After all that, I just added in a jar of tomato and basil pasta sauce. (And also whole wheat spaghetti). was really really good. The only down side?
I basically made enough to feed a family of 5. Which isn't all that bad of a side ;)

But boy was it delicious, and it's a good thing because I've got all this...

So over the river and through the woods and into the freezer you go! I have 2 portions for lunch this week and 3 more for...well, whenever I want them!

OH, and for the record...I'm not really an onion person, at all. But those caramelized onions...they were delicious. Also, I should definitely eat those Eggo's sometime...

And on to more Christmasy things!
I'm going to assume you can recall this from yesterday...

Since I started late, yesterday I caught up on the first three. Today, I'll do 4 and 5 and hopefully, be able to stick with it until the end! (It's not too late to join!)

On the 4th, I was supposed to give my favorite Christmas song... and well...I was too tired to even think about my favorite Christmas song last night!

First off...I'll start with saying that I love all the Christmas "Hymns" or songs we sing at church. Always makes church just a little more enjoyable when you're singing Christmas songs left, right and center :D
I guess I'm just going to list them off because there's only 15 (they go from pages 201-215):
-Joy to the World
-Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful
-Angels We Have Heard on High
-Silent Night
-Once in Royal David's City
-Away in a Manger
-It came upon the Midnight Clear
-O Little Town of Bethlehem
-Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
-With Wondering Awe
-While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks
-Far, Far Away On Judea's Plains
-The First Noel
-I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day
-Ring Out, Wild Bells

Ah~! That's the stuff :) Some of these will look familiar to most of you, others a few probably won't 'ring a bell' ;)

Other than those, I still have a mighty fine list of some of my faves (from last year) that haven't changed!
So just go look at that post...have you gone yet? GO!

And for old times sake, let's post some Merry Christmas Baby ;) (It better start playing on the radio soon...)

OH MAN! And this...(since we're all reminiscing on my last Christmas' list)

I can't pick a favorite Christmas song...they're all good. Ok?? Ok....

And we're up to today! Where I'm supposed to share the best gift I've ever received. Guys...this is hard. When I was young, I loved (okay...and still do love) everything Disney. I got lots of 101 Dalmatians business and I also loved Barbie's. I also always got some S & V chips :D (which are a pretty great gift). I have no idea what the BEST gift I ever received was...but I'd say the most memorable would be when I got a red Game Boy SD. I was in my early teens... and my other siblings chipped in to get my mom a crock pot. There was a little bit of fundage left over, so they gave sweet little me a Game Boy! I had always wanted at the time, I basically thought it was the best thing ever.

(Google images)

I do still have it...but I haven't played it in years. (Which is probably for the best...).

Now I've got myself a 'Gaming Boy' ;) (Wow, I'm turning into my family will understand). Love you mom! No disrespect Scott, I know you don't game nearly as much lately. Love you! share! What's your favorite Christmas song?? And what's your most memorable Christmas gift??
OH! And do you want some Spaghetti?? ;)

Peace out for meow :)!


  1. Replies
    1. I know right! So festive and fun :D Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I will gladly take a chunk of that spaghetti off your hands ;) And I love Silent Night and the First Noel, too...totally forgot those on my list!

    1. Excellent! Though I don't know how good it'll be once I send it in the mail... hmm...

      There are too many good songs to remember them all!