Saturday, December 15, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas

Though there's not a ton of snow. I wonder if that's going to change....

Well, Scotty came home and, sadly, he's already gone back to work. It's kind of strange having someone around after being alone for so long...but it was nice. Back to just me and a sleepy George for another 6 days. 
So yesterday Scotty was able to get his Christmas shopping done. When I got home, we went to the mall near our house quick and he was able to run into a friend who he hadn't seen in a few months, which was nice. Then we went to the grocery store where a lot of money was spent...BUT NOW I'm ready to do a bunch of Christmas baking :D It's going to be a busy week...
We then picked up some blizzards from DQ (because I had a BOGO{I just realized BOGO stands for buy one get one...}coupon) and then also picked up some sushi to take home :D We both got stuffed and vowed never to have sushi again (for at least 2-3 weeks that is :>).
Today was basically a lazy day for both of us but pretty quick here, I'll be heading out to babysit for my brother for a couple hours. (Boo to leaving the house and my nice cozy lounging clothes!)

How has your weekend been thus far? What're you getting up to? :)

SO! December 15th has arrived and I'm supposed to share the best gift I've ever given...and I actually have no answer to this. Just because I think I'm giving a pretty thoughtful/nice gift to someone, doesn't mean it seems as awesome to them. I do love giving people awesome gifts...but it's not as though I really keep a tab of the gifts I've given. Though that may be because my memory has been seeming to get worse and worse.
Or maybe I just haven't given that awesome of gifts ;)

What do you think? Do you remember the best gift you've given? Or do you have one??

I don't know. But I do know there's only 10 days until Christmas!

Are you all done your Christmas shopping? Was this your final weekend? Or were you done LONG ago?

12 days of Christmas time!
On the 3rd day of Christmas a Trudy gave to you, 3 pomegranates, 2 pairs of sweatpants and a fuzzy kitten named Georgey.

(Google images)

Have you had one? Do you like them?

I LOVE pomegranates. (I just realized I didn't pick any up at the grocery store D: ...). Sadly, they're only out around the fall/winter season. I remember when I was younger, I was always excited for when pomegranates would FINALLY pop up in the grocery store (not as though that's changed...I'm still excited for the first pomegranate, though usually...the first one of the year isn't that amazing).
As I looked up this picture on Google, I read that one pomegranate should feed 4 people. Uhm...really?? I eat these things by the wholesies. Filling? Yes. But it's all mine. 
I cut the pomegranate in half and then lay out a towel \blanket and sit and devour it.

Do you remove all the arils (seeds) before eating? Or do you just gnaw them out?

I realize most of you are likely a liiiittle more classy than me ;). 

Anyways...until tomorrow!

Byeas for meow :)!

PS. Again...GIVEAWAY people. FREE THINGS! haha. You don`t have to do much and the chances of getting something are still pretty high.

And the Christmas song today will be one of the classics...


  1. It sounds like you guys had a great day together, hun! I love sushi and dq blizzards (my first job was a DQ/OJ job ever) :)

    1. It was a good day for sure :) AH! That's awesome. I think I'd eat far too many blizzards working there ;)