Friday, December 21, 2012

We have some weiners!

And/or winners. Basically the same thing.

So! If you didn't know about it, I did a 12/12/12 giveaway...and the results are in!
Are you excited?

To be honest, I was fairly surprised with the results.  I won't say anymore but I'll let you see for yourself and be surprised! Thanks to everyone for your participation and entries, it was really fun :)!

So I put all this disaster together....

There are some high tech draw's going on right there!

I promise to you, I didn't rig anything. (Believe me if you wish).

First, we had the Benefit mini scent sampler...

Ruth*! You were bound to win, you're the only one that wanted it apparently!

Second, the Bath & Body work set of Trudy's faves ;) (Including candle and soap)...

There were QUITE a few entries here...but Nani pulled through! Good thing you entered near the end! :)

Third, Paul Mitchell Shampoo and Conditioner had a few entries...

But Ruth came through, again!

Fourth, Sephora Philosophy Sparkle and Joy set with body washes and lipgloss...

Ruth again?? What kind of crazy luck do you have?!

Fifth, Love Spell Lotion by Victoria's Secret....

A new contender pulls in...Janette*! (I call her Ned...)

Sixth, Corioliss Brilliant Gloss Mist...

Ned again?? Like I said, I shook all the little piles very well! It was all luck and chance!

And the last 2 things...something almost everyone wanted...the sweet sweet chocolate.

First we have Ferrero Rocher...

And here we have Nani again! (Or should I say Joe...) ;)

And of course the Toffifee...

Ned apparently has some sweet luck as well! 

So first off I want to say Congratulations to the 3 winners! And I want to thank everyone for your comments and participation...I had fun! Like I said, I was quite surprised with the results. Only 3 people managed to snatch everything up! I guess it's just the luck of the draw!
I'm going to be honest here though, I'm slightly relieved I don't have to send anything out! (Especially to offense Lambie) ;). 

Again thanks to everyone! Happy Holiday's & Merry Christmas!
I'm happy to be sharing some of my things with some of you!

Nani, I'll be seeing you tomorrow! :)
Ruth, I'll send your goodies with my parents as they'll be seeing you guys later on Christmas Day. :D
Ned, I'll see you Christmas Eve. ;) 

Fare well for meow :)!

** Ruth and Janette and nieces of mine, just for those who were curious**


  1. Haha that's hilarious :) And I'm glad it saves you some money! Have a great day, hun :)

  2. Hooray!! I can't believe I got so lucky :D Thanks Trudy!