Saturday, December 1, 2012

December 1st

Good bye November. Hello, 24 days til Christmas! Crazy...

I mentioned December 1st in my last post... and asked, what it meant?

Well both Leinani and my sister, Lambie guessed it! (Go team L!)
(I would send you one as a prize...but alas, Leinani already has one and Lambie probably wouldn't even get it before Christmas!)

Advent Calender! My traditional Kinder of course ;). {2010} {2011} (Scott also has his out on the rig).

(PS, there are a BUNCH of different advent calenders now...don't have to get boring old chocolate) ;)

So I got to open number 1 today! (It was a little kinder bar - George looked at me with hunger in his eyes...).

It's nothing big, and they're not for everyone....and you're all insane. They're delicious.
So, Happy Saturday to you! I generally don't blog on a Saturday...but figured I could get a post up quick.

Today George got his shower...and although he still doesn't like it, I think he's getting used to it.
Here, he's mid drying in front of the "fireplace"...although it's not real, it dries him off much quicker. 
(You have to sit with him, or he'll run away...shivering - silly cat).

And here George his fluffy glory. He's still adorable.  

Today I did my yogurt mask (for face and hair) again, and I learned something. If you have yogurt on your face, George will try and eat it (moreso than normal...).

And that's my Saturday ADVENTure (you get that one?? :D ) for you.

Got one for me??

Ciao for meow :)!

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