Thursday, December 6, 2012

On things green and also things fuzzy

I forgot to put this up yesterday! It was a sweet little Kinder bar (same as the first day). I know you need to see this everyday. I'm just here to provide for you. ;)

And tonight I'll be opening this little guy! I foresee it being a little egg as that's all that would fit behind that door.

So here we are at Thursday...which means it's getting close to Friday (and the weekend and hopefully getting a bit better sleep in). Though a few things also need to get done, Christmas gift type things mainly...

How far are you on your Christmas shopping??

I don't know how to gauge how much I've gotten done. Maybe 50%? 60% perhaps? I don't know. All I know is I'm not done.

So look at my smoothie this morning. I always put spinach in my smoothie, but this one is legitimately a "green smoothie".
What's in it? Well, spinach (quite a bit), about half a cucumber, a slice of lime and the juice from one half, an apple (without seeds..though they'd probably just grind right in as well), some frozen grapes, some plain greek yogurt, and some almond milk.
Taste? Hmm... it mainly tastes like lime and cucumbers with a hint of sweetness. (Good thing I like cucumbers). Not bad, but not that great. (Ok, it's pretty bad...)
What did I learn? Little less spinach, less cucumber, little less lime and a little more fruit. I prefer my smoothie a little sweeter. But it was alright, I was my first time.
(PS, I do have a Vitamix which can handle blending all these crazy things up).
Love you Vitamix!

This morning, I quickly made the bed and turned on the light...

A sweet little George! He wasn't ready to get up yet either...
Jeez, he's getting big. But still cute.
I mean look at the 'little' guy... lately one of his favorite "toys" is one of those fake candles.

How he got it under a bag is beyond me...and why does he like it under a bag anyways??
It wasn't just coincidence either, he kept doing it!

You're a weirdo. But an adorable weirdo...
Now stop trying to get in the fridge.

And on to more Christmasy things!

So today is the 6th, where I'm supposed to talk about my favorite tree ornament. I don't know if you've been following the blog at all...but I, sadly, don't have a tree. But if you go here, you'll see that my friend Nani has a pretty awesome tree ;). My favorite ornament there, would definitely be the construction paper star OR the candy necklace!
However, if we look back in my past (when I used to live on the farm)...we used to have 2 Christmas trees. 
One was upstairs that everyone would see...the perfect one with red bows, white lights and gold balls - it was beautiful. But my favorite tree was always the one in the basement...with its multi colored lights, random little ornaments such as stuffed animals and such, candy canes, popcorn - much more exciting ;).

And if we're talking 'in general' here...I love lights, tinsel, cool ornaments, candy canes - I love it all!

Do you have a favorite tree ornament?? In general? Or something on your tree right now?

That's it, that's all!

Ta ta for meow :)!

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