Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lambie tree and festive bevies

Well hey there! Saturday post! SO I ended up going to the mall last night for a little meander. I saw a few decent things, but no real winners. I did get a couple things though, and there was a purse I kind of wanted haha.
I did, however, get ...a nice, hot, festive bevy :D

YAY! Nummers... Peppermint HC :3

Today I actually finally got my yearly blood work done (and urination sample)... we'll see what's up with that! (Hopefully all awesome). Then I picked up a few groceries and took a quick wander around Market Mall and then went to Wal Mart for a couple things (and to print off some wedding pics)...Needlesstosay, a decent amount of money has been spent.

Tonight, I'm headed out to Strathmore. I'll share more tomorrow as I need to get this up and get going!

SO Christmas blogging!

So for the 8th the activity is a picture of Christmas decor. Well, if you recall...I don't have myself a tree.
This is all the decorations up in my house...(yes, just the lights)

Not far from my house, there's a house with a giant tree outside they decorated...

HOWEVER, my sister Lambie has a pretty awesome tree this year that I can share... (I'm assuming)

It's so nice :D Look at all the prancing reindeer!

How's your Christmas decor??

Gotta run!

Toodles for meow :)! 


  1. I like your lights and your sister's tree! And that drink looks yummy :)

    1. Thank you! And my mom brought me up a little tree today :D
      The drink was definitely delish ;)

      I've been too busy to read your blog this weekend... makes me sad. I'll been catching up tomorrow for sure! :)