Thursday, December 20, 2012

I can't always be awesome...

One more work day until the holidays! (For me anyways...if not for you, I'm sorry). 

So...last night was a failure. I was making something delicious but it got ruined and burnt up...probably because my oven runs a bit too hot so I should have turned it down a bit. Anyways, just 5 cups of pecans/1 cup of almonds ruined...not a big deal. Made me sad. 
But I did successfully (I think anyways?) make a cookie dough last night for baking tonight. I'll share when completed. 
Since I wasn't able to win in doing all the baking I wanted last night, I figured I had to get something else done. SO! The house got all tidied/vacuumed and bathroom cleaned. At least that's all done. I also finished Scott's card and all his wrapping. So I still got a decent amount done and again passed out from exhaustion around 10:30. It's been long days guys and I think George is starting to feel neglected because he's not getting as much attention as he usually does.
Tonight will be busy yet again... so much baking. *.*

How has your week leading up to Christmas been? What things do you still need to do?

I'll have to finish up my baking, get all packed up, finish with the rest of my presents (will take about an hour or less), and shower George ;) He has to be looking his best (fluffiest) for the holidays (me). 

December 20th! And what's my favorite Christmas meal?
Well, my family has never really done a big meal on Christmas day (that I can think of...someone can correct me if I'm wrong). What I remember from Christmas morning, is having my mom's homemade hot chocolate and toast! But Christmas Eve we generally have a little feast of sorts...lately Chinese food!
Though if I had a choice in the matter....I love roast beef, turkey dinner...all those marvelous things :D

Do you have a feast on Christmas Day or Eve (or both)? What do you have Christmas morning?
AND what's your favorite Christmas meal (if you have one)?

12 Days of Christmas!
On the 8th day of Christmas a Trudy gave to you, 8 mint hot cocoas, 7(+) songs for singing, 6 lengthy foot rubs, 5 boooxxxesss of Godiiiivvaaaaa, 4 festive movies, 3 pomegranates, 2 pairs of sweatpants and a fuzzy kitten named Georgey!

Trudy out.

Byeas for meow :)!

PS. Today is the last day to enter the giveaway. If there's anything else you want to enter for, do it now!
I'll be announcing winners at some point tomorrow ;) SO GO ENTER!

Last night, on the drive home, I heard a Christmas song I hadn't heard since last Christmas. I thought to myself, oh ya! I kind of like this song! I wonder who it's by. Again, I had no enjoy T Swift everyone! 
I should've known by the twangy guitars... -.- (I'm starting to dislike it now...)



  1. Yay for only one more day of work!! I'm in the same boat so tomorrow at 5:30 cannot get here fast enough...I hope your cookies turn out delicious tonight! Can't wait to see what you made :)

  2. Last day, we will conquer you!
    Cookies turned out pretty well - yay!