Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday - that's my fun day!

Or rather my rest day. Ahhh ~ that's the stuff.

So how was the rest of your Saturday?

I actually got all readied up to go out for the work Christmas party! It's always a good time...what happens at the Christmas party, stays at the Christmas party.

On Friday, I went to the mall briefly and stopped by Sephora because I had a coupon. Although I probably didn't (really at all) need it, I ended up getting a Laura Mercier palette. The colors were just so pretty and the eyeshadows, so soft! Oh well. Merry Christmas to me?

So here we are at December 2nd. I haven't opened this little guy up yet...but I will!

This morning, I made another loaf of banana bread (I like to have a smoothie and slice of banana bread for breaky!) and guys...this one was good! The outside isn't too crispy, the inside is soft...moist and flavorful. Mmmm~!

Do you want me to share the recipe? Hmmm? It is scrumptious.  Even George wanted it.Though, he does want everything...

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! See you tomorrow!

Peace for meow :)!

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