Monday, December 3, 2012


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I'm dead to the world. Really. Not a good sleep last night...but I'll be fine ;) after I take a little nap under the desk of course.

PS... what is up with that little stick man? Not only does it look like he's dead, it looks like he coughed something up right before dying. Nice way to be found, no?

 So how was the rest of your weekend?

Mine was pretty alright. Got some picture stuff **done and got some nice, relaxing down time in.

**Picture stuff...when we got our wedding pictures done, part of the deal is that we get a book in the end with some of the pictures (which we get to pick, of course). Let me tell you, there are a LOT of pictures. So we've definitely been putting this off again and again. But this weekend, I FINALLY went through and picked my faves. Now Scott will have to go through and then we'll have to collab and mix our wishes together and get this done! But that'll have to wait til Scott gets back anyways.

I also got a little red bow with a bell on George...he looked so cute! Though he HATED it. He likes bells and things that make noises... but not when he can't see/find what it is that's making the noise. He was running in circles, darting across the room...pretty entertaining. He did eventually get used to it,  but the bell got annoying when I was trying to OFF with that - until later, of course ;)

Awh~! He's so dang cute! ^.^

The sun actually came out today...making it SO bright! It's reflecting off the snow and blinding everyone! But hi there sun, nice to see you again.

And that's about it for today! A little bit later, I'll be opening this up...


Enjoy your Monday... share what YOU (yes, you) did this weekend!

Ta ta for meow :)!

PS! Here's my favorite song of my drive in this morning ;)

I always thought they were saying "Don't bring me down, Bruce" but apparently it's actually "Don't bring me down, (German word) Gruß" which comes from the phrase 'Grüß Gott' which essentially means 'God bless you'. The lyrics were written on the back of the CD as "Don't bring me down, groosss". But this lyric was so misheard, that the main guy, Jeff Lynne, started to actually sing "Bruce" at shows.

You don't care? WELL TOO BAD.
Don't bring me down. 
Good day.

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