Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ok, ok....

I'm here. I've just been busy! Why don't people elope? More importantly, why aren't Scott and I eloping???
Just kidding (kind of...)

Anywho. So weekend. We registered at Bed Bath and Beyond (on an empty stomach...which was even MORE torturous) but it's done, so YAY~! And then we went to The Keg - double yay :D!

We've been trying to get the invitation designed (I'm going to drive Scott crazy, I'm sure...) and we got our second set of engagement photos done. So, whether it seems like it or not, things are slowly getting done.

Yesterday we had some delightful sun and also a soccer game! And we won! YAY! The only not so swell thing...there were no girl subs! So the three girls that were there (including myself and Francesca) had to play the whooolllleee time. But it was fun :)

Still trying to get things done. But it's coming along. 

Anything new out there?
Sorry I didn't have more excitement to share...

Toodles for meow :)!

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