Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Did I see the sunrise today? No... though it is pretty cloudy, so I'm not sure anyone around here did.

But I did randomly get this song stuck in my head today.
I can almost envision a sunrise...almost.

So it's been pretty rainy/miserable here this past week...but I know (hope...really really hope) that the sun will be back soon enough.

Sunglasses and all...


So I've been gone for a few daysies. Because I hadn't been getting any love from all y'all ;'(
Just kidding.
This weekend Scott and I got a few weddingish things done... YAY!

- we went to the place where we'll be having our reception... it should be really nice
(hopefully the weather cooperates...)
- we registered at one place (The Bay)
(Dear gosh! Have you registered before? What did you think of it??
It's so annoying D: ...things are so expensive, and it's hard to decorate a future house that you haven't seen yet...)
- we still need to do our invitations
- we actually have another engagement photos session this Saturday 
(hopefully it's not all rainy...)
- still no luck on house business

One other thing I wanted to mention...Do you remember last year I was playing Soccer??
Well I'm playing soccer again :D
Yesterday was our first it was a little slippery, and we definitely lost...but it was fun!
I'm looking forward to the next game :)

I have a few pictures I took on the weekend that I'll share.... TOMORROW! :D
This post is long enough ;)

Anyways, hope all is well on your end... and that you're having some sunshine, lollipops and rainbows on your end.  Have a good weekend? Get up to any adventures?

Byeas for meow :)!


  1. Trudy! I have a story for you!

    The other day Joe and I went to the pet store and we were looking at the fishies in their little tanks. Then I put my finger on the tank and they all swarmed around like the ones at the top of your blog and I exclaimed, "They're just like Trudy's fishies!!" I never thought real fish actually did that, lol.