Friday, October 7, 2011

Take that blog!

WOW! World of Warcraft. What do I have to say about it? Nothing...I don't even really know what it is... :l
Let's start over.

Wow! Ok, hello. It's been a little bit. I've been busy! And my last blog experience was basically wretched because it kept changing size and crap :< I'm the master of the blog! ME!

(hehe...awesome! It's a cat on a throne if you didn't get it...)

*cough* I've started about...6(?)ish blogs since the last one. I get bored and give up really easily! HELP ME DD: What happened to all those good people (Leinani) who would comment all the time and ask questions for me to answer?!? But yes, I've been busy. But I'll try to stick to this blog and post it, though you never know. There's still time for me to give up (though I feel that cat needs to be seen). So if nothing else, you should at least be seeing an awesome cat here.

So Thanksgiving weekend is almost here! Are you ready for your feast? Mmm....feast....*drool*
I love Thanksgiving dinner. A lot. So I am most definitely excited :D Any other big plans for the long weekend people??
Thanksgiving gets me thinking...what am I thankful for? TURN OF EVENTS! OH! I was going to do a different 5 Things Friday...but I just realized that I CLEARLY have to do a "Thanksgiving" Edition. Sooooo here we go.

5 Things Friday
Thanksgiving Edition
I am thankful foooorrrrrrr....
1. FOOD! Seriously. Food is awesome (and also necessary for survival). Think of all those delicious things out there. I would eat all the time if it wouldn't make me morbidly obese :< Though I eat as much as I can ;)

2. Family. Some of my best memories are with my family. I think my family is pretty fantastic and I know they would do basically anything for me. (And I would do the same for them). I love you!

3. Friends. The rest of my best memories are with friends. Family creates almost an insta-bond, but some friendships require a bit more work. (Some just kind of happen pretty easily, which is nice...but anyways...). When you think about it, {GOOD} friendships are kind of difficult to find. Although you're generally pretty trusting of your family, how do you know if you can trust a friend? Where does the bond build from? And that's enough of a rant on friends. Friends I love you. Thanks for standing by me.

4. F...{dang it, no more} Health. I'm so so thankful I haven't really had health issues in my life (knock on wood). I have a body that I can push and enjoy working out in. I don't really have many things holding me back. I don't get sick all that often and I truly am thankful for that. Go body!

5. Freedom. (HA! I thought of another one!) Canada (although it has pretty crappy weather... especially in Alberta) is a pretty fantastic country. We're pretty free to do as we please and it really is a very beautiful and spacious place. Canada I love you. And life - you are delightful.

Now I know this is a pretty lame list that I'm sure most people can relate to...but we all have our own stories and reasons behind why. I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend, and don't forget to make your "Thanksgiving Edition" lists. ;) What're you thankful for?

Ciao for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I love turkey! And stuffing! And mashed potatoes! And gravy! And going into a food coma... Such a delicious food coma...

(I'm not sure what's with the cat theme...just kind of happened)

(Awe~! I hope it's ok... D: )

And since I'm on the cat theme should check out this video! It's rather amusing :D

And on a final note, here's a picture of me as you haven't seen one in a while.
(Courtesy of Strongbad)
Anonymity is key ;)

I say good day.


  1. Alright missy, you want comments? I'll give you comments. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. So here's a question for you: if you could have any disney character as a sibling, who would it be and why?

    Annnnd! If you could marry any disney prince-type guy, who would you marry? And why? How many babies would you have?

    Also! If your disney sibling wanted to take your children away to raise them in disneyland to be learn how to be proper disneyfolks would you let them?

    Okay you don't need to answer the last question, that would never happen anyway - your disney sibling would never get custody.