Friday, September 23, 2011

If you fall...I may catch you

The only relation the title has to the post, is that it's the first day of Fall or Autumn...or something. And you know what, I'm going to embrace Fall with open arms! Sadly, my putting up a fight won't hinder it's arrival. So come here buddy - give me a hug! (But so help me, if you bring Winter soon...I'll get you ._.)
This amused me :D-------------------->

Anyways...Fall really isn't so bad. The main thing I dislike about it, is that Winter generally follows along pretty quickly. And I just hate driving in the winter :< (Scary!) And we all know that I'm not a fan of being cold. (Well...I know it anyways...) And if you didn't know, here's a poem to sum up my feelings.


Cold, cold - Go away.
I hate you, and you are gay (syn
onymial to lame).

And there you have it.

And here you have this! *drumroll*

{5 Things} Friday (from technically yesterday because I didn't get a chance to finish...)
Things I like about Fall (edition?)

1. The Colors! Red, orange, yellow, brown. All so pretty...all so warm :) Don't get me wrong, I love the green in Spring and Summer...but by the time Fall gets here, you're (I'm) ready for the change.

2. All the leaves. I love walking in an area with a lot of trees... and leaves are just falling everywhere. It's quite peaceful if I do say so myself. I don't know, I'm one of those people that enjoys the beauty in nature. Hope you do too :) (And moving on from that lame fest...)

fall leaves nature image 31002 pictures, backgrounds and images
Along with that note...leaves are fantastic for jumping in! I haven't done it in...well...a long long while. But lets be serious - everyone enjoys a good leaf jump fiesta. Or they should anyways.
(Not a big fan of the whole raking element though...)

3. The festive spirit that comes and builds up until Christmas. You know what I'm talking about?
Along with fall comes...
curling up and cuddling under a blanket
getting to bundle up in sweaters, scarves, boots and the likes
hot chocolate/apple cider season begins ;) ( my books these are condoned all year round. as is ice cream. good day.)
baked goods (also all year round...but you know what I mean right?)
getting dark earlier equates to going to bed earlier :D (ok...sometimes :P)
and many many more!
What better way to sum up festive fall spirit than a... festive smiling acorn? :D
(Trust me...I tried...)

4. Crisp air. I don't know what it is...there's something nice about the crisp air that fall brings. It's refreshing and actually a nice change after the Summer months (Summer I still love you...).
The only bad thing, is it generally also means the air is getting more dry (thus resulting in my nose leaking read fluid... or just leaking more in general).

(intense lighting for a box of kleenex, hey?

5. Last and certainly not least... Halloween and me birthday :D
Not that I've really been into dressing up or anything lately, and I stopped trick or treating a loooonnnnngggg long time ago (I went until I was 18... -.- ). But it's just such an exciting time...full of deliciously fattening things. And hello! Pumpkin carving and such!
(WARNING: I am biased as my birthday and Halloween are so close..
Anyways, 'nuff's awesome.
(This picture reminds me of Nightmare Before Christmas...I haven't seen that in a long while)

And here I leave you with a massive fro...

Apparently this chick holds the world record for her fro. Her hair is over 4 feet long! How would you see?!??

And now I bring this post to a close... What're your thoughts on Fall? What's on your list?

Toodles for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- Yes, I actually did trick or treat until I was 18 (or rather, my last year was when I was 18). It's been a long past 3 years ;<

PS...the font size in this post was possessed... seriously D': It took me sooo long to make it look even somewhat normal :(


  1. I would have to say my favourite thing about fall is the Tim Horton's pumpkin smoothies! And let's not forget the other major fall holiday: Thanksgiving! Om nom nom...

  2. Intriguing... there's some delicious pumpkin chocolates at Godiva as well.
    AND OF COURSE! Thanksgiving is bloody amazing.