Monday, September 19, 2011

I choose you!

Is it sad that I just tried to "Follow" myself? Don't answer that...

Anyways, look at me go! Getting a blog up on a Monday like a big girl!
Do I have much to say? Not at all...
Do I have anything to say? I'm sure I could ramble on about something... :P

Soooo yaaaaaa. How was yoouuuuurrr weekend? ;) {That isn't meant to infer if you're thinking anything ridiculous or perverted right now, it's your own fault}.

My weekend was pretty alright. Definitely had it's ups and downs.
Downs? Strongbad and I...well...had a fairly rough patch that may or may not be over. Should be alright though.
Ups? Well, GODIVA chocolate was boughten on Friday. {amg, drool...}. Lately Mami and I have been getting a few of those {each} once a week because, well, they're just SO GOOD! {I've been taking a break from the glorious Slab (yes, that Marble one...)}. So, if you've never been...GO! They're buy 3 get one free right now (yes...they're fairly pricey. even after the 4th being free, it's like 7 bucks ._.). However, they're so good and quite you can't {or rather you shouldn't be} eating as many anyways. 'Nuff said.

Saturday, I made the cake I had made for Mami's birthday again. It was delish yet again. ;) Don't worry...we haven't been gorging ourselves {in public :D}.

Soooo yesterday was Sunday, and in the evening...Mami and I watcchhheedd Sense and Sensibility.
Have you seen it?
I actually hadn't even seen it before. It was pretty good until about half way through the movie it was like... "O.O What in the name of blonde Severus Snape is going on here?!?!". I just couldn't do it - I couldn't think of him (Whatever his real name is....) as anything more than Severus Snape. I kind of wish I had seen this movie before Harry Potter...
But alas, beggers can't be choosers {not that that really applies in this circumstance...oh well *shrugs*}.
Anyways, it was a pretty good movie! So if you're into that type of movie and haven't seen it...go for it! {WARNING: Blonde Severus Snape will still be there, even when you watch it}

While I was watching that movie, it made me think about that era. And how very very glad I am, that I did not live then.
1. The etiquette was so...well, you know me...enough said.
2. Those long heavy dresses. All. The. Time. One word - No.
3. The dancing. Jumping around like prancing ponies.
4. The focus on marriage...well that just reminds me of us Mormons actually -.-
5. The way they actually really awesome! (When I was making fun of it through the entire movie, it was only because I liked it so much.)

Wow. Clearly someone forgot to take their pill today.
Crazy signing out.

Au revoir for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- Ever since I was young, I've enjoyed turning on (and up) music and singing and dancing around to my hearts content. {Yes, that's why I enjoyed being home alone so much...}. Today this song came on the radio, and I specifically remember it being one of my fave's. {MJ and JJ for life!} ;)
Toodles. I, now, must away.

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