Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rainy days...

So our sunny day streak came to an end last night...and was replaced with wind and rain. What can you do but take it? (I would object and stay home instead if I could...)

So Scott headed back to work yesterday afternoon, so it's solo Trudy for now. Yesterday was a really nice day, which I decided to embrace with a little (key word being little) jog. Coincidentally [;)] enough...I just so happened to end up by the ducks :D And the little ducklings were out in full force! I was sad I had no bread to throw at them...but I found some pretzels on the ground which I broke up and threw to them (what have I become!?!?). I even made friends with a 5(ish?) year old who came to throw bread to the ducks. When her mom said it was time to go for a walk, she asked if I would come...and as much as I don't have any friends, I politely declined and said I should head home myself. 

Other than that...basically I just chilled at home. Had myself a dinner of cereal and also cheese and crackers (ok, and carrots). 

So last night, as I was brushing my teeth, I noticed a spider behind me (in the mirror) so I went to kill it. Upon closer inspection I found a not so awesome sight. 
1. There must be some kind of small crack/opening in the shower that water is leaking out of.
2. It's being absorbed into the baseboards....which were all wet and disintegrating.
3. Mold.
4. I don't know how bad the damage/mold is and how far back it goes. 
5. Awesome.

So that's how it goes for meow :)!

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