Monday, April 2, 2012

I disappear sometimes...

Niecey was very smiley! She likes to look at herself already!
Now she just wants to suck on my phone basically...

Aiight! So this past week has been fairly lame...not that that generally stops me from blogging know, what ev's ;)
SO! It has been a fairly good weekend (it was General Conference weekend), and if anyone doesn't know what that is...ask me! I worked Saturday morning so I didn't get to watch that session, but Saturday PM...we hit it up!
Great session. We then picked up some delicious Vietnamese food -- mmmmm~! -- and watched So I Married An Axe Murderer. Awesome and ridiculous. It had been a while ;) Then the boys went to their Priesthood session of Conference and the roomie and I went for a little adventure! Very little... ANYWAYS. I got something. Something not overly exciting, but I want to try it out a bit more before talking about it. So patience young grasshopper. Patience.

Sunday we were invited over to Scott's brother and sister-in-law's (I can't say their name as I don't have permission...because they don't even know I write a blog!) house to watch Conference and have a feast! A breakfast feast ;) Crepes, fruit, eggs, bacon, sausage. So delish~! And we got to play with their little daughter...very cute! 
All in all, a fairly pleasant weekend. 

How was YOURSSS?!?

Any April Fools jokes/pranks/business/things?
I did basically nothing...though I never really have. Oh well.

Any stories anyone?!

And to close, I leave you with these random pictures...
Ahahaha! :D (not even mentioning his pretty buns)
I don't think you can really see it. But this dog has an amazing beard! The owner was smoking in the car with him though :( Scott told me it's what makes the dogs beard grow... -.-
No comment necessary ;)

Ta ta for meow :)!

PS. Draw Something  (for smartphones {and tablets??}) is so addicting! If you have it, add T-rudy F!
(And  if that doesn't work, it's because I'm leave me a comment and I'll figure it out) ;)

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