Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'm sorry!!!!(?)

Sooooooo yes...looky what I got!!! 

Isn't it cute??! :D

 Ok, ok...I didn't. But it is cute eh? Want to take a guess at the type of puppy it is?
SO! How was your Easter weekend?? Spendid? Splendid! 
It's always rather tragic when you have to go back to work, y'know what I'm saying?
But I did get Monday off as well! Scott was working so I got a few things done (not that I usually don't...)
Anyways, so lately my on/off/sleep button at the top of my iPhone was NOT working. So I took it in and got a new one :D it's really not THAT exciting as my phone was in new condition anyways. In fact it was kind of a pain as I had to worry about getting a new screen protector D:
BUT NEVER FEAR! It was annoying...but I got it taken care of. All is well. 

So lately it's been starting to look like spring here! I painted my toes a pinky/orangey color and was going to take a picture to put on here...but then my camera was facing me, and so there's a picture of me face instead!

Isn't it (not so) cute?!?!?! :D

 And then I forgot to take a picture of my toes -.- Oh well...

So yesterday on the way home, there was a vehicle with the license plate "XTRSPCL".
And yes buddy, if you weren't extra special before...You sure are now!

And that's really all I had to rant about today. I think. Yes.

So how are you fine people?? (Love me?)
Did the Easter Bunny come visit you? Or did you visit yourself Easter Bunny style?

Byeas for meow :)!

Feed the fish...

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