Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Monday of sorts...

So here we are at Mon...Tuesday. It feels like Monday though. I didn't work yesterday as I had some family come to town that I wanted to see. It was nice to just have a day off. Mmmmm~!

It was a fairly decent weekend on my end :) Anything exciting happen with you?

Friday, Scott and I had the Francesca and Benifred over for dinner which was a lot of fun (and reasonably delicious)! And afterwards we played some Super Smash Bros. Let me just say...I'm terrible. I just button mash and hope for the best. Every once and a while it's decently successful. But ya...not that much ;) It's alright, if someone's going to lose at SSM, it may as well be me :D

Saturday, Scott and I tried to be at least a lliiitttllle bit productive. So we figured out where we may register for our wedding (but no, we haven't registered yet...), we thought a little bit about invitations (no success yet...), we started working on our lists of people to invite, we looked for Scott's potential future wedding band, annnnddd I got groceries (which is always good). So it may not be the greatest...but it's better than nothing!

Now we really need to get on invitations, finding a house, and possibly a bridal shower for le me.

Annnyyywwaaayyys. I need to mention...the weather was absolutely FANTASTIC this weekend! It was so warm and delightfulsome :3 Though sadly, I didn't really get to get out and enjoy it all that much. Please don't leave me sun, I promise I love you! D:

And YA, that's basically it yo. So hope your weekend was swell and sun filled (and not so wedding planningness filled).

Peace for meow :)!

PS. Guess who's got a bell on their necklace now!

No sneaking for me... :(

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