Friday, April 20, 2012

It's a beautiful day...

...the sun is shining! The tank is clean! ( know it??)

Annnndddd it's FRIDAY :D!

I loves me some Friday (well mainly weekend...)

I also just love looking at the sun from in the office... (not!)

Sooooo what could I talk about...OH! Francesca is back from school in BC and have I mentioned she's engaged? I don't know... well, she's engaged! And I don't know if I've introduced her fiance as a character in my story yet, but he's been around for a while and he's awesome. Definitely worthy of all of our companionship ;) For lack of creativity (and hopefully he doesn't mind), I shall just refer to him as Benifred. 

SO, the past couple Wednesday's, Scott and I have gotten ourselves back into cheap swimming for the last hour (except now it's $3 as opposed to $2 *tear*). And I have missed it! This past Wednesday, Francesca, Benifred, Scott and myself all went and it was a lot of fun. Nice to have you back Francesca ;)

One thing I noticed while swimming, Francesca kept on her engagement ring whereas I, took it off. What do you do? Do you keep it on all the time? Sleep and everything? Or are there certain things you take it off for? I'm just curious!
I'll keep mine on for showering and washing dishes...I take it off for swimming because I'm afraid it'll slide right off and sink to the deepest depths of no return. I don't work out nor sleep in mine because I get all hot and bothered with puffy fingers.
And you??
Any jewelry you keep on all the time? 
I keep my white gold chain (that I got from W a couple years back) on ALL the time. I also never take my toe ring off. 

Moving on.

So yesterday I went to get groceries (because Francesca and Benifred are joining Scott and I for dinner tonight), and since I was at the mall...I HAD to make a quick stop at Petland. 

She's so cute...


And on my way out, I spotted something furry...
What is it?

One of the most hideous creatures I've ever seen.
(But it's also a extremely hairy and demon filled bunny...)

This rabbit, will forever haunt my dreams...

Or do you think it's the sweetest thing ever?

Well you're insane.

Have a good weekend! 
Toodles for meow :)!

Over and out.


  1. I keep my rings on all the time. Except for rugby. If you break your finger and you have a ring on, your finger will swell and the ring will cut off the circulation and then your finger will come off. So that's why. Sometimes I keep my rings on when I work out, but if I'm working with weights, the rings come off.

    1. Mhm! The main thing for me is weights! I hate the feel of the ring pressing in...