Thursday, March 8, 2012


Alright, 2 years ago, to this very day(!), a strange 19 year old girl started rambling about her life and other random things at this very place!

You've got it!

Today marks the 2 year birthday...anniversary?? (let's go with birthday...) of this ridiculous blog!

What changes will be happening around here? Maybe, probably none....but we'll see! You never know what insane thing will happen in my brain next ;)

So thanks to those of you who are still with me, and have suffered by enduring my ridiculousness.

Hope all is well with you fine followers!
Eat some cake...or preferably ice cream for me ;) Actually, preferably just bring me some ice cream :D (or a cake, if you reeeaaaallllyyy want).

Happy Birthday blog for meow :)!

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