Monday, March 26, 2012

Good Golly Jeez

Trudy is about to go into another random post (which is actually every post I guess...).

Did I have a spectacularly amazing weekend full of wonder and beauty? But of course.
Anything to blog about? Not really.
Was it really all that? Maybe.

Anyways. I actually don't remember everything entirely. But Scott and I finally made a last minute decision to go see The Hunger Games at 11:15 (thus not getting to bed until like 3...).
We were there like an hour and a half early so we got quite swell seats really, but Trudy's just don't really function all that amazingly being out so late. (Lame right?)

I will say...the movie was quite good! And had it been a different movie, I likely would've fallen asleep ;). I still liked the books quite a bit more...but a movie can only do so much (until they prove otherwise anyways). I would definitely recommend you seeing it if you're interested though ;)

Sattuuuurrdaaayyy. Scott and I did something...something that involved pictures and walking and balloons. (Sounds kind of kinky when I put it that way ._.) Anyways, it was a good day. You can guess what we were doing if you want! It was a fun day...but my feet were so sore by the end I was limping D: (new shoes...I'm an idiot). Afterwards, we went to Boogies Burgers. And it was quite scrumptious! Kind of expensive...but deliciously expensive ;). I got some Mushroomy Burger, spicy fries, and a reaaaaallllyyy good milkshake. The chica at the till recommended it to me.... Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Oreo.
Strange? Maybe.
Delicious? Definitely.
Fattening? Who cares. (I probably should...)

Sunday...nothing too worthy of mentioning, but it was a swell day nonetheless!

How was YOUR weekend?

And I will end with a few random pictures...

Cute little kitten with its kleenexy kitten bed.

Me, being a poser...snapping shots of mahself. Y'know how it is ;)
I got a hair cut! All of them actually!

So...what do you think of mah jacket?
And yes! Just after this, I busted out into some flamingo dancing...or something...

And I just found this funny :)

That's it, that's all.

Ciao for meow :)!

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