Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy March and Happy Birthday

March? Seriously?? Jeez time goes fast. Or is it just me? March doesn't even have any stat holidays :( AND day light savings time comes back D: NOT SPRING FORWARD!!
You're no good to me March...

Has time been going fast for you? How do you like March? And how do you feel about Day Light Saving's Time??

Well at least we have one thing to look forward to today...Justin Bieber's 18th Birthday :D (I'm being facetious, though it really is his birthday. I could just care less about it). I think he's done well for himself, though it's mainly due to obsessive teen girls and a few strange boys....(and all you other weirdos out there who pine for the Biebs).

Apparently he got an $100,000 electric sports car from his manager Scooter on the Ellen show.
How nice.

Can we get a little more distribution of wealth in the Trudy end of things? Alright? Thanks ;)

So Biebs, Happy Birthday and here's to you.

PS. I love how if you go watch this video in youtube, there's twice as many dislikes as likes. Awesome.

I also highly recommend you go watch this video. Yes I'm ridiculous, and many of you will think it is as well.

So Happy Bieb celebrations and also Happy March.
May it be Merry and Bright, and all your Christmases be White.


Au revoir for meow :)!

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