Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This is not another leap years post...

HAPPY LEAP YEAR DAY! (Whatever that means...)
I couldn't help it, it only comes once every 4 years! (Right? I don't remember...)

So February 29th, I say hello and also goodbye until 2016 (Jeez, that's a long time...I'll be 25 then!). May you have a pleasant hibernation.

Weekendness and the likes.
So yes, W came up and we had a swell time and then I met up with my Scott fellow and even met a couple of his friends. It was actually pretty good! They were great guys and fun to talk to :)

Then at church on Sunday, a bunch of people were coming to congratulate us and see the ring in its glorious ringy state. And I also saw Francesca! Good to see you! Did I mention she's engaged?
Well, she's engaged! So congrats to her. We were discussing all we have planned so far. It was nice to bounce ideas off one another ;)

But yes, that's it. Anyone up to some delightful Leap Year Day activities??

Toodles for meow :)

Today I have Outkast on the brain! So here's Ms. Jackson and one of my favorites when I was younger...Roses!

Annnndddd a few pictures for the road...

This sloth is not cute to me... Why am I sharing it? I don't know...

Look at this cute little fluffy thing :D Apparently endangered :(

More baby otters :D

A big ol' hairy moth to haunt your day... (ok, probably just my day)

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