Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Day?

(Animal abuse)

So Happy Valentine's and good day to you all. What do you figure?

This is actually my first Valentine's Day that I've not been single! (PS, things are still going great if you were curious), And what did I want to do for Valentine's? Absolutely nothing! It's going to be far too crazy out tonight, so in we stay! I have a slight idea of what we're doing, but you never know...so I'll fill you in tomorrow ;) However, we are going out for a post Valentine's dinner tomorrow :D!

What're your memories from Valentine's Day?

I remember back in elementary school...making a little "mailbox" (or rather, folder to hang from your desk). And you bring in a little Valentine and usually also a treat for everyone in the class. (I don't know if this is how it was everywhere...as I did grow up in a small town). I'm fairly certain we were sent home with a list of all the kids in the class (which you knew them all anyways) and the next day, you come with something for everyone! And then we'd have a little party! Why don't we do this nowadays?
1. I want a little cheesy valentine! ('Be Mine' and 'You're cute' and such - so lame) :D
2. Party with delicious heart shaped things - hello!? (Plus, you can never have too much red food coloring) ;)

I also remember always getting a Valentine's Day gift from my mother (well, parents I guess). Chocolate and a little something else. At least my mom always loved me :D

So what're you getting up to this evening? Are you celebrating another time or do you celebrate at all?
Share YOUR memories :)

Byeas for meow :)!

PS. I used to think of Valentine's as single awareness day... I just heard on the radio that 15% of women will send flowers to themselves (at their office or whatever) to show off. That sounds a little ridiculous to me x) But you do what you've got to do! Like I used to loved getting gifts from my mother...so whatever works! :D

And just think, chocolate will be on clearance tomorrow ;)

And if nothing else, always remember...

(what the heck??) x]


  1. There was this kid in my class named Kurtis and whenever we'd have a class holiday party, his mom would always send him to school with cookies for everyone. She made the BEST cookies. So when I remember Valentine's day I remember Kurtis and how his mom makes amazing cookies.