Monday, February 13, 2012

Ya ya, I'm here

Today was one of those mornings you know...

There's not much motivation to get out of bed most mornings...let alone a MONDAY!

My apologies, I was kind of MIA for a few days there. But never fear - I have returned!

So weekend and such. Fine fellow and I hung out for...well basically the whole thing ;) Watched some extended edition Lord of the Rings, perused the mall, got him a haircut (which looks nice :D ), and celebrated a pseudobirthday (for fine fellow) by having a feast of roast beast followed by delicious cake. It was so good :3

How was your weekend? What's new in your world?

One positive thing has resulted from today. On the way to work I saw this and suddenly I knew...all my clothing worries would be solved for the remainder of my days.


Ta ta for meow :)!

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