Friday, February 3, 2012

First February Friday

Alliteration! And a laggy computer :(

Anyways, last night I was watching a movie...because well, I just didn't feel like being productive. :D It was called Trust, and it was about a teenage girl who goes into a chat room and starts becoming close to/developing a crush for a boy (who she thinks is her age). Eventually, he tells her he's actually 20...he didn't want to say it at first in case it scared her. She's fine with that. Then later on, he tells her he's actually 25...and at first she's a little upset and is wondering why he keeps lying to her but he sweet talks his way out of it. Anyways, they eventually end up meeting and he's like 35/40ish and she's totally creeped out at first, but then he tells her age shouldn't matter because they're soul mates! She ends up getting raped and then she doesn't really hear from him again. Moral of the story? Don't get raped. But careful with online business. It can be sketchy... And I wouldn't recommend this movie. It was kind of dry to be honest. But now you don't have to watch it anyways because I already gave you the morals ;)

Moving on!
5 Things Friday
Just some random things I'm liking today...

1. Packages that come in the mail and are kind of exciting! Or any mail really....don't you love getting letters? :3 I'll talk about the package in another post though ;)

2.Zippo hand warmers! They sound a little bit awesome actually.... you fill it with lighter fluid, light the little burner, put the cap on, put it in a little pouch, and there you have it! Up to 12 hours of hand warmingly delightful heat :3 (or bum if you put it in your back pocket :D)

(I know you can get them on amazon...or perhaps MEC?)

3. It's a leap year! And that's pretty it only comes every 4 years (I think?) :D

4. This song. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Monarchy of Roses. It's a good song...quite catchy in my opinion ;) (I was going to have a link to the actual music video...but I found it weird. So instead, you get to watch this creepy fly on a much better, hey??)

5. Wiener dog! It's so cute and little and I think I need one right now :3 Every wiener dog should probably come with the appropriately sized bun costume to...
1. stay warm (totally logical right?)
2. look completely adorable (the real reason)

So how's February going so far? What're YOU liking this friday??

Bye for meow :)!

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