Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Well hey there! Hope your Valentine's Day was filled with awesomeness and delicious things :) And hopefully you can realize that you shouldn't need a special day to show someone how much you love or appreciate them, really it's just another day ;)
(I can say this from experience as I've been at both ends of the spectrum).

Hopefully your day looked nothing like this, even if you were alone (unless your day was completely adorable whilst being forlorn?).

Anything exciting happen? Just a regular day?
Fine fellow and I made a delicious dinner (seriously, so good) of Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo. It was a homemade sauce and mmm - 'nuff said ^.^ ~! I also brought the newest skittles over, Confused Skittles (or something?...they're in a purple bag), which are quite delish! They are slightly confusing, because none of the flavors match the color. But they're good flavors :)
And, as per my request, we watched Gladiator (extended edition...which is basically 3 hours long)...Ah! Such a good movie! In my eyes anyways, Russell Crowe is awesome.
All in all, a good night - love you Strongbad (fine fellow -- same thing)!

So today, I managed to make myself look decent before work. Trust me...I usually am NOT a pretty sight in the morning (plus there is never makeup put on for work). Why, you may ask, did I make myself presentable? Recall I mentioned yesterday that the fine fellow and I were going out for dinner tonight? Well, we're going out for dinner tonight! So I figured I should at least look half decent for the world (and fine fellow, of course), especially since we're going to a nicer restaurant called Brava Bistro. It's on 17th and, dear goodness, it's good! I'm excited :)

(Yep, you get to see a lot of me on here) :)

One last thing. Lately we've been having fantastic weather here! nice. But 2 days ago, all of the sudden...dump. Dump of snow. Whyyy?!? I'm used to no snow this year, and I like it that way. Too much white in this picture for my likings.
One nice thing about it being dark and snowing in the city, it makes everything glow just a little bit. Kind of pretty.

Anyways, thanks for checking in and listening to my rants ;)

Hope all is well!

Ciao for meow :)!

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