Friday, March 23, 2012


Did you think I died? Because I did :'(

Ok I'm a little dramatic sometimes. My apologies, I got busy for a bit and then I was sick. With Bieber Fever :D Just kidding...seriously that would be even worse than the flu (which is what I actually had -- I think...).

Alllrriiiiggghhhhtttt.So I missed work Monday through Wednesday and on Thursday morning I texted my brother (boss man). It was basically like this...

Me: So I assume I should come in today?
Him: Well are you feeling better? Because we don't really need you in here if you're not.
Me: Well I'm no longer vomitting. So I guess so?
Him: Are you still contagious?
Me: I don't know. Want to risk it?
Him: If I get sick, I'll murder you.
Me: Well then... maybe I shouldn't come in. But I do kind of you know...need money.

So the agreement was, I got to pass out some door hangers. (Yippee...) You know those things people leave on your door handles... when you're least expecting it...and you don't really even look at them. Yep, for a day, that was me ;)

I was thinking...Jeez! This will be awesome! Listen to music, walk around for a few hours, make some mula...cake. And sure it was alright, but let me tell you...walking around for 5 hours straight, is not overly pleasant.

The nice thing wasn't all that cold. The not so nice had snowed that morning (a lot!) and it was starting to melt. Slush + runners = SOAKED feet (for 5 hours). So I finally get home and my socks and the bottoms of my pants and my runners were right wet. Took off my feet were all wet and pruned. Gross.

A few of my noticings/noticements/things I noticed...

  • LOTS of people have dogs -- yappy dogs. So I hang that door hanger and run.
  • Some people have some really ridiculous things on their porches. I didn't think to take a picture of most. But I did take a picture of this....because it will totally be me one day. SURPRISE SCOTT :D!

  • People. What's with all the stairs?!? It feels like it takes me a whole minute just to get to the door of each house! Good gosh...
  • What's with all the No Soliciting/No Flyers/No Junk Mail signs?!? First off, I don't think it's Junk Mail so :P Second...if you're going to put one of those signs up, put it at the bottom of the stairs or by the garage or something. If I go around the corner, up the forbidden stair, around another corner all while a bunch of water is dripping on my head AND THEN see a little sign hidden in the better believe I'm hanging something on your door regardless...

At least I had this fashionable tree to keep me company...

But let me tell you... as you're walking along, and look across the street to see the fruits of your labour (door hanger minions by the dozens)... there are few greater satisfactions. Besides David Bowie.

Speakkking of David Bowie... we went and saw Labyrinth on the big screen as it was playing for a film festival. It's so much better on the big screen. And let me tell you, it was all bigger... all of it... you know what I mean...

Anyways. David the man. Listen to these songs everyone. 1. (sorry they make it stupid...) 2. 3.
Dang you have a smooth voice...

Ok...and for good measure, this song is awesome too...with these creepy guys...

Anything new out there? Tell me a story? :3

Ta ta for meow :)!

Hope all is well! Anyone going to Hunger Games tonight?


  1. LOL at the comment about the forbidden stair. Oh, trudy, you're a classic. Up, up, up the forbidden stair while running through a gauntlet of dripping water!

    1. Indeed. You know what I'm talking about!