Wednesday, March 14, 2012


You'd think I have some amazing stories to tell you as I've been gone for pretty well a week...but...well, I don't! Scott and I went to see his parents and family (which was a good trip, nice to meet some more of his family -- plus they're all seemingly awesome).
Sunday we headed down to Lethbridge for a few days as one of my sisters are up from Texas (the one I was visiting in this post). So we got to spend a lot of time with my family as well which was fun :) (I also got to run a few errands while down in Lethbridge, which is always nice).

So today, it was back to work...just in time for HUMP DAY! That probably calls for some ice cream ;) (Not that every other day doesn't...)

But ya, there hasn't really been all that much excitement in my life as of lately. Mainly preparing for the wedding and looking forward to winter being gone for good!

Here's a few memories in my phone that I hadn't shared with you yet...

The chosen pants! Yes rainbows definitely indicate that...

Mini eggs and such. I love Easter :D
Has anyone tried those Choco Eggs yet? (I think they're chocolate cream eggs or something?)

These shoes I got for the Halloween I turned 18 (pretty well 3.5 years ago). I was being a rockstar (whatever that means...). I got a bit of wear out of them, not a ton. Anyways, I realized I actually had no desire to wear them ever again and no one in my family wanted to the thrift store they went! I'm sure they'll make some straight up G quite happy.

One of the most stupid photos of a person you've ever seen? I agree...
Anyways, Lethbridge has an iHop! (Calgary doesn't even have an iHop) :(
So naturally, Scott and I had to go! There was a long line up...but it was well worth it. Yum~!
I got French Toast, and tried their array of syrups :3

Ta ta for meow :)

Anything new with you and your world?


  1. Well aren't you just a lucky duckling! I should've come to say hello!