Sunday, January 22, 2012

Blue skies and smooth sailing!

Why hello there~! It's been a few days...I've missed you too!

(hugs all around, kissy face and all that) ;3

I'm quite unsure as to the reasoning...but my blog is just not cooperating.

It won't align left - so center you get!

It's bugging me :(

Oh well...

SO! As I believe I told you, Lambie is in town! And this weekend we decided to go on an adventure (we both had a few things to get done down here).

So our day all started out with laying around not leaving the house!

Just kidding...that's just my dream day {just kidding, sort of... >.>}

So our day started off with a road trip! And boy, was it a pretty drive!

Nice scenery, decent weather, good tunes, great company and just overall fun times.

Lambie and I~! :D

Not to mention she has a pretty sweet rental vehicle...Lincoln MKX!

And this was the view for most of the drive.

The mountains were so so clear!

One nice roadtrip/peaceful driving song can be found here :)

And now, here's to a few days off of work ;)

What did you all get up to on your weekends?

What's new out there world??!

Ciao for meow :)!

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