Monday, January 9, 2012

Well look who didn't blog for 2 whole days!

This girl right here ;)

And I felt like I was abandoning the whole work of no one that reads my blog...

But never fear invisi-followers, for Trudy has returned! (love you <3)

So I have a confession for you all...I was gone all weekend because I've been pursuing my real dream of Mexican Wrestling :D (like nacho here)!

(huge red diaper is included!)

Ok, maybe not...but awesome mask hey? ;) (my brother just got back from a vacation in Mexico, which he said he wouldn't recommend to anyone. Terrible food and not a lot to do but drink and lay on a beach).

Oh update! Remember a while back I talked about a couple books I was reading? (see here) Well I finished both of them :D and now I can move on to bigger and better things! (like the second book in the Eragon series; Eldest -.-)

Read all the books!

And yes! That's all I've got for ya!

How was your weekend? Get up to any Mexican wrestling? ;)

Ciao for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I thought Nacho Libre was a very stupid movie but so funny! Like look at this... !!! or this! So dumb :'D

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