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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Story of sorts...

*que sad music with violins and such*

Ok, my story starts long ago (this morning at 7:15). I was staying with my sister Lambie at her hotel and I had to go start my vehicle {of it's -30 or even colder} to let it run for 15 minutes before going in to work. Little did I know, my vehicle would actually end up running for a good hour and 20 minutes.

Basically, I was trying to figure out a way to have my car running while also preventing it from being stolen and well....I guess I succeeded. (Succeeded so well that I couldn't even get in...) And do I have spare keys for this vehicle? Of course not!
So I called a locksmith to come break into my car! And jeez, they're fast. He got in within 5 minutes! He told me the total would be $120. :( He then said if I paid cash, it could be $100! Of course this would be the time I didn't have cash. I asked if we could go to an ATM, at first he agreed but then we realized that traffic was probably too bad.
I reached into my wallet to grab my handy dandy VISA {which children's show is this making a reference to??? :D :D :D} when LO AND BEHOLD I had forgotten about my tithing money in my wallet :D So $100 it was! (And he didn't write up an I'm sure he just pocketed the cash, I realized afterwards that I should've said I only had $80 cash...oh well). Pay your tithing ;) (Don't worry...I'll be replacing the $100).
I made a spare key immediately after.

The end. Fin.

Moral of the story: Don't lock your keys in your car. Also have spare keys.

There really should be some sort of law about it being too cold to leave the house and work being cancelled and the likes.

PS. Please pity me and send a donation to the 'Trudy is an idiot fund'. Kthx. :3

baby skunk!


  1. Joe and I just had the same experience not too long ago! Luckily we have AMA so it was covered for us. We still haven't made a spare for the car though...

    And you referenced Blue's Clues! "I'll just write in down in my handy dandy notebook!" :P

  2. My dad has AMA...which he says I could've used. but it probably would've taken forever as not only was it rush hour at 8 in the morning, but also downtown Calgary.

    Anyways, I made a spare key ;)

    AND YES! :D YOU WIN! I loved Blue's so much