Saturday, January 28, 2012

I just can't do it...

So HEY!'s been awhile but I got caught up in life and keeping Lambie amused ;) She has now safe journeys and I shall miss you!

So it's been back to reality here lately. Got back from Lethbridge Wednesday night, so it was back to work (and lots of catch up to do) on Thursday. Then Lambie flew out on Friday and now I'm left all to my lonesome! Wait...didn't I have friends at one point?? Shoot.
Maybe I should get back on that.
One thing I do miss, however, is my fine fellow! He's been gone for a couple weeks now and probably has another week left to go. :( But the good news is...he should be back for quite a while this time :D

I've gotten back on the working out in the morning train. You didn't know that was a train? Well, it's just kind of an unpleasant one which I probably wouldn't recommend at this point. ;) But things can change?
There are a couple nice things about it though...1. It gives you kind of a boost of energy for the day (or sucks you dry...) and 2. It gives you time in the evening after work to do as you please (you know, hang out with all the friends...that are....somewhere around here...).
Major con of it all -- Less sleep. You know how much I love sleep and this schedule shaves about an hour and a half off of the already precious sleeping time. But maybe it's worth it??
But in all actuality, it's going alright so far ;)

So, when I was younger I used to like bananas (when I was 4/5ish). But I found out my sister (whom I looked up to) didn't like them so I decided I didn't either, and stopped eating them. The past few years, I've tried eating bananas again because well, they're great for you and they're cheap! But I just can't do it! I tried again, just this always goes the same way.

I took a bite and thought 'Alright, I can do's not so bad'
But as I go further it becomes 'I don't know about this...I'm not even quite halfway'
Halfway...'Just do it! You can do this! Power through!'
Just past half way is when the gagging starts (and yes...I seriously gag)
3/4...'I'm done...I'm never doing this again'
I try! Really I do! I just can't do it... :(
I can eat banana bread and have bananas in smoothies and such. But their texture is just so squishy and foul. So no bananas for me, thanks.

Stop looking at me banana!
(This should trigger a memory...Stop looking at me _____!)
(Adam Sandler movie...come can do it!)

And that's all for now. What's up world? Any stories or tidbits or excitement??

Toodles for meow :)!


Alright, So lately I've really been liking THIS song. It's called Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye. He has such a soothing voice and it's so catchy... Really, I could listen to it again and again (and I totally do...). BUT! Lately this cover has been floating around. It's pretty awesome as well! Jeez....who'd have thought so many people could play a guitar...

I find even just this video so amusing.
The guy on the left doing the percussion...he's so in his own world, he doesn't sing or look at the camera.
The chick, has such a sweet and pretty voice.
The guy in the middle tries to close his eyes to keep himself from looking at the camera. But he does keep looking and you catch him trying to suppress a grin a couple of times. And when he gets to the high part of the chorus, he lifts his eye brows :)
The main singer, well...he's just good. Has a nice rough sounding voice.
And the guy on the end is so essential! You flick those little strings man!
I love it :)!
(Ya, I'm weird...what of it?)


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