Monday, January 30, 2012

Greek Yogurt?

So Greek Yogurt is the topic. Have you tried it? What do you think of it??

I had tried it once before (plain and on it's own) and I wasn't a huge fan because it's thicker than normal yogurt and it just kind of reminded me of sour cream. Next I tried the honey Greek Yogurt...which was so sweet and a struggle to finish...even worse than the plain. But what I've tried recently is this Strawberry flavored. And I find it so delicious! It still is a bit thicker than regular yogurt...but it reminds me of a dessert; a delish cream cheese dessert. Really I just want to add little crumblies to it and nom it all up.

Try it if you're a fan of strawbs and cream cheese ;) I also had it with real strawbs.

So it was a pretty (lame) tame weekend. I worked Saturday, so Friday after work I kept it pretty easy at home. Saturday was pretty well the same after work. I was going to get some productivity in (like clean my pig sty of a room...) but, well...I didn't! SO now I'm going to have to work on that throughout the week.

So last week, when I got my eyes checked in Lethbridge...I decided it was about time for some new glasses. So new glasses I got! (And jeez...they're pretty expensive). But these are them! World, meet my new Ray Ban's. Ray Ban's, meet the world. They're alrightish hey? Well regardless...I like my nerdy hipsterish looking glasses, so there!

Annnndddd yes. That's basically it. Bird is the word. Or word is the bird or something.

Ta ta for meow :)!