Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gosh dang it

Alright so, as I told you, I've been going to the gym early in the morning at SAIT (I don't know if you knew it was at SAIT...but well now you do). And I have no idea if there's any parking you don't have to pay for there if you're just going to the gym. SO, to make it easier for myself, I've been parking in the SEARS parking lot and walking the 5 minutes to the gym. Anyways, since I've been parking there, I've always noticed this sign.

But I never took this sign seriously because tons of people park here and walk over to SAIT! But the thing is, I used to go only in the evening when there's tons of vehicles there, so how are they even going to enforce that?
NOW, when I get there at 6 AM, I'm the only vehicle there...so it's pretty obvious. So today I come out from my workout (at 7:30 AM) to find something on my windshield. I could see it from a bit away so I was thinking...NooOooooOOOO! But thank goodness it was just a warning. Basically it just reiterated the fact that I was neither shopping at SEARS (which doesn't open until 9:30), nor was I an employee.

"You always park at SE corner before 7:00 AM everyday {nice grammar there, hey?}. Your truck will be ticketed/towed next time parked here while attending SAIT etc. THX {yes they really put thx...}"

Great... I know I'm in the wrong here. I know it's private property. But my poor little truck isn't hurting anyone for 1.5 hours when the store isn't even open! It's just unfortunate, and I'm unsure of what to do now :(

Boo for meow :(!


  1. Wow. I just wrote a post about parking tickets. I am definitely not the right person to tell you what to do because I park illegally ALL the time! So I can only empathize. Maybe write a letter?

    1. Haha! Write a letter and leave it on my windshield when I park there? ;)