Friday, January 6, 2012

Soooo yes

It's the weekend! Fine fellow is back and we're getting gussied up and heading OUT (to a YSA activity...because we're cool like that).

5 Things Friday
Best things about the weekend edition!

1. You generally get to sleep in (not if you work or go to church really...) and sleeping is awesome. No alarms = the good life.

2. There's generally a reason to get all purdied up. During the week I usually have absolutely no motivation nor reason.

3. Being able to relax a little bit...Not worry so much about schedules and business and such (unless you, working really ruins your life...).

4. Doing something fun! Weekends are usually a time to do something exciting that you don't normally do! (or in our case, head to a YSA activity ;) ).

5. Potentially see people you don't really get to see during the week, or even splurge a little more on what you eat ;)

(the fine fellow also mentioned that traffic isn't so terrible during rush hour on the weekend...especially in the morning! When I head to work Saturday morning, it's smooth sailing) :3

Anyways, off I fly...enjoy your weekend!

What're YOUR plans?? ;)

Ciao for meow :)!

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